In my experience, there were two broad types of people in high school. You’ve got the ones who had been planning their entire future since freshman year, and you’ve got the ones who didn’t really know what they wanted to do just yet. Personally, I was the former. This attitude is likely a result of my family, my personality, and the overall environment of my high school. I was one of the kids who starting freshman year, had all four years of high school somewhat planned out. I knew where I wanted to go, and I knew what I needed to get there. I’ve kept this attitude going, and right now, with medical school as the goal, I realized that I need another plan.

Cue Spotify, my laptop, an excel spreadsheet, and copious amounts of candy (Halloween <3). Yesterday, I sat back, put on my earphones (shout out to these guys for still working after like 3 years by the way), and listed out what I have to take every semester until senior year to not only graduate, but to do everything I want to do by the end of my four years here. Flash forward an hour, and I’ve got a massive excel spreadsheet with a bunch of completely different scenarios on how my next four years could go. One of them assumes I take no classes over the summer, another assumes I do, and one other throws in a lot of BME Design as an upperclassman. Doing that was both terrifying and exhilarating, because here’s what I learned: 4 years really isn’t that long of a time period and there’s so many opportunities at Hopkins it’s ridiculous.

By no means is this spreadsheet done, and I’m sure that by the fall semester of my senior year it still won’t be done, because there will still be things here I haven’t explored or opportunities left that I want to take advantage of. To relate this back to you, I remember that as a prospective student, Hopkins stood out for it’s abundance of opportunities, but no words can really do that aspect of Hopkins justice. It’s only when you get here that you can begin to fathom how many things there are right at your fingertips, just waiting for you to take advantage of at a moment’s notice.