I love the cold, and for that very reason Fall is the beginning of my favorite time of the year. The first day it dipped below 50 degrees, I pulled out all my sweaters, scarves and blankets, and started pestering my roommate to drive me to Trader Joe’s to maximize on their Autumn-themed products (Pumpkin Joe-Joe’s, I’m lookin’ at you). I especially love Fall in Baltimore, because not only does our campus start turning beautiful shades of red and orange, but my friends and I have worked up a few traditions these past 3 and something years. Here, in no particular order, are a few of my favorite Fall picks:


Waverly Farmer’s Market

Now in all honesty, this farmer’s market located off of 32nd St. and Barclay St., is open year-round, but there’s something special about it in the Fall. All the summer fruits shift into a wide array of squashes, tomatoes, and greens. Hands down my favorite item are the Honeycrisp apples. This type of apple has a sweet spot in harvest time, and you know I embarrassingly yet shamelessly know when. There’s also something so satisfying about a cup of warm cider in the chilly, morning air.


Look at all the tomatoes!! PC: Senior, Tiffany Chan


Pumpkin Patch(ing?)


…am I an artistic genius or what?

 Admittedly, this was a new one in Baltimore this year, but a tradition carried from home nonetheless. One of my roommates has a car with her this year, which meant we could plan a quick day trip to the Rodgers’ Farm and Pumpkin Patch, about 20 minutes outside of Baltimore. Driving there reminded me of good ol’ Missouri (city life does have you missing greenery at times), and the Farm had a lot of great activities—hayrides, a mini zoo of sorts, some delicious food, a corn maze (that we made into a competition), and of course, pumpkin picking. Below, you will find the cute little pumpkin I selected and the masterpiece I transformed it into.


Indochine Vietnamese Restaurant


ellie and I on our way to Indochine, with an excellent photobomb

 When the weather gets a little bit chilly, everyone craves something nice and warm to eat. For my friends and I, this translates into wanting Pho. I mean, who can resist a scalding, delicious broth with veggies, noodles and tofu (or meat, if you’re not me)? This little establishment opened up a couple years ago in Mount Vernon, and the ease of getting there with the bus, means that it’s a regular visit.


Off-Campus Coffee Shops

 This topic is vague, but I do a lot of traveling between the Med-Campus and Homewood because of research, and in the colder months that’s gotten me into the habit of stopping by a café to warm up and get a little work done between classes. It’s too hard to pick one favorite so I’ll just go ahead and list a couple of places I love: Dooby’s, The Bun Shop and Milk and Honey are all in Mount Vernon, which is a great middle point between campuses. At the moment, my go-to is Common Ground in Hampden. I’m not a fan of the PSL (read as: I hate it, sorry), but Common Ground has some great warm drinks if you want more than plain coffee, and some seriously amazing muffins.

Those are my top picks but Charm City has much, much more to offer…for now though, I’m late to class!