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Hello World!

This weekend, I participated in the 2nd Baltimore’s Women March. And I never felt more alive and powerful. To be honest, I was not planning on going. However, at 10:30, my woke-friend Gina messaged me and asked if I wanted to accompany her. On the Charm City Circulator, I realized Baltimore is the perfect hub for pre-med students who want to remain politically active.

It crazy to think that D.C is a train ride a way. If I wanted to be more active in my government, I can go to Penn station. I’ve never been so close to where it a lot of big decisions happen. That’s why Baltimore is perfect. I can continue to pursue pre-medical studies whilst being able to remain fully-involved with my government.

Girls at Baltimore Women's March

There were so many people. Gina and I found a couple of friends.

Girls smiling and laughing

It was difficult not to smile the whole time.

Girls standing and posing with poster

The end of the protest felt surreal.

Old man holding "We the People" poster.

I love this photo. It shows the diversity of the world around us.


Sending good vibes,