Name: Michelle Edelson

Year: Class of 2015

Majors: Psychology/Entrepreneurship & Management

Hometown: New York, NY

Baltimore Knows How To Do Its Sports

When I began my undergraduate career, I created a bucket list. It included quintessential Hopkins experiences such as attending a lacrosse game, studying on D level (just to say I did), eating fried Oreos at Spring Fair and hanging out on the beach in front of MSE Library. However, my bucket list didn’t just include on campus activities. It extended beyond the Homewood campus and forced me to experience Charm City, a city I have gotten to know over the past four years and come to love.IMG_4017

At the top of my bucket list were two items – attending a Baltimore Orioles game and attending a Baltimore Ravens game. Growing up in New York, I have always been an avid New York Yankees and New York Giants fan, but after attending Baltimore sporting events this past fall, courtesy of my Woodrow Wilson Fellowship research project, I must say Baltimore knows how to do its sports! From the beginning of the game to the final play, Baltimoreans are on their feet, cheering for their favorite player and always finding a way to make the event a spectacle. The Ravens have their own Under Armour defensive cheer that gets the entire stadium on its feet to “Protect This House”. When the Ravens score a touchdown, confetti immediately comes pouring down on you (and this is just for regular season games). IMG_4015The Orioles have the Oriole Bird who gets on top of the Orioles dugout and dances to “Thank God I’m A Country Boy”, which will make you want to dance like no one is watching all while laughing.IMG_3896

These games are always a guaranteed fun time, but part of this is due to the avid Baltimore fans that come to every single game and cheer on their birds! I was lucky to be in Baltimore during the last Super Bowl win for the Ravens and let me say, this city is crazy for their teams. I have been in New York for the Yankees World Series where they beat the Red Sox, I have heard the chanting on the streets for the Giants as they won the Super Bowl back in the 2007 season, but nothing compares to Baltimore. Baltimoreans love their sports and have a distinct passion that as a student at Hopkins, you learn to adapt no matter what team is your #1. I love cheering on Big Blue and the Pinstripes, but if Joe Flacco is playing on the screen, I need to watch the game and will continue to do so when I leave Baltimore and return back home to New York. In case you haven’t figured it out, my perfect Super Bowl is the Giants versus the Ravens (and yes it happened, but I was too young to understand what Hopkins even was at that age).IMG_4016

After all, part of living in a city means getting to know the culture, the people and what matters most, which some would argue for Baltimore means crabs and sports. Four years may seem like a long time right now, but as someone who has been here for almost four years, I can tell you it flies by! So if you get the chance, whether it is college nights at Camden Yards, Ravens raffle tickets or just want to splurge on some sporting fun, seeing these teams play will be completely worth it. I know I am already planning my next trip to Camden Yards this spring for some baseball one last time.IMG_3863