It’s said that Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods, and I want to highlight my favorite one: Hampden. It’s quirky, it’s different, it’s jam packed with unique restaurants and shops, and you can walk to it from campus. Here are some of my favorite places:

The Charmery

Ask anyone: the best ice cream in Baltimore is in The Charmery. A classic, can’t miss destination that includes flavors like Old Bay Caramel, Peanut Butter and Jelly, Cinnamon Ramen and NY Cheesecake. <3


My personal favorite, Trohv is like the accessories section of Urban Outfitters throughout the entire store. You can buy anything from clothing to posters to cookware to baby clothes. It’s everything you need.

Grano Pasta Bar

Grano Pasta Bar on The Avenue in Baltimore

Authentic Italian food in a family owned restaurant. Need I say more? Sit at the bar and watch them prepare your custom made pasta dish. #SoGood

Charlotte Elliott & The Bookstore Next Door

It’s both an antique shop AND a bookstore! So many great finds from vintage coats to rare books. Charlotte Elliott and The Bookstore Next Door represents the quirky, random nature that makes Hampden so great.

Ma Petite Shoe, Shoes and Chocolate Shop

The sign says it all. Shoes and chocolate make the world go ’round.

Holy Frijoles!

Image result for Holy Frijoles baltimore

Really really really good Mexican food. A must.

Golden West

Image result for Golden West Baltimore

Another unique locale, Golden West serves both delicious French toast and quesadillas. Phenomenal guac is the cherry on-top. 


And that’s just one of the many unique, quirky neighborhoods in Baltimore!