To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Winter break at Hopkins is a great time to reflect and be proud of your achievements from the fall, take cool Intersession classes on campus (check out my classes from last intersession!), study abroad, or fly back home to escape the Baltimore snow. I highly recommend checking out the blogs by my fellow blue jay bloggers: Uganda Be Kidding by Susan, Why Winter Break is Great at Hopkins by Ariana, and Charlie’s amazing blog about his intersession adventures from last year!

Even though Hopkins Intersession offers some amazing classes, and study abroad opportunities, I decided to stay put in my research lab over at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Prof. Markle’s lab is an excellent example of how collaborative, interdisciplinary, cutting edge, and fun, research at Hopkins can be!

I joined Markle Lab over the past summer on a volunteer basis, and the past year has not been the same. I have been exposed to indispensable skills ranging from immunology and infectious diseases, to web development and python. We analyze genetic data from families across the world with occurrences of rare autoimmune disorders such as Crohn’s disease, and my job is to make this work both scaleable, and fast, so we can help more and more families!

Even though research teams at Hopkins do tons of amazing work, there’s a facet of team building, and community that this kind of work requires, and is not heard about a lot. I think this is an integral part of Hopkins research communities, and so I’m going to share with you some experiences I’ve had with my lab colleagues!


Sandlot in Baltimore

Located in the prime location of Inner Harbour, Sandlot is Baltimore’s beach with local food trucks and vendors, cold drinks, and amazing beach games like volleyball and bocce! My lab went here over the fall for a mid semester break, and it was a great experience that introduced me to a really cool spot in Baltimore. Its one of the my favorite spots that Baltimore has to offer! To get here, you can hop on to the free Charm City Circulator that leaves right from near CVS on St. Paul St! This can make for an amazing summer weekend trip with friends to enjoy a beautiful view of Baltimore’s harbour, and enjoy an evening of fun beach games! 

Our lab also organized a holiday party to Pauli Gee’s in Hampden, where we had delicious pizza, and had loads of fun playing White Elephant Christmas. Needless to say, I ended up getting the best gift of all- a woolen essential oil diffuser. A 5 min walk from campus, the neighborhood offers Blue Jays some of the most hip restaurants, cafes, and shops to choose from! Pauli Gee’s is a picturesque pizzeria located in Hampden, that makes the most amazing wood fired pizzas with local ingredients! Hampden also houses Baltimore’s own, The Charmery, with a unique selection of mouthwatering ice-cream! Visit the Charmery after having dinner in Hampden with friends over the weekend, or in between classes in the middle of the day! 

Pauli Gee's Pizzeria in Hampden, Baltimore

Pauli Gee’s Pizzeria in Hampden

Coming to Hopkins, and engaging in research experiences is unlike any other. The faculty here are extremely supportive, and the work atmosphere more than awesome! Hope you enjoyed the blog. Until next time!