While Sophomore year has presented many different challenges and experience already, one of the best parts I’ve found is that after a year, I can finally feel involved in my extracurriculars.  In particular, I’ve really enjoyed being a part of the Johns Hopkins Women’s Pre-Health Leadership Society.  I applied last intersession, and I am so happy I did. 

The Women’s Pre-Health Leadership Society

One of the main reasons why I became interested in WPHLS was the BLAST Program.  BLAST is an after school tutoring program where a group of WPHL’s members goes to an all girls middle school in Baltimore.  Each week we do a different science experiment in order to get more young women interested in STEM subjects (last week we did chromatography with skittles and M&Ms!).

In addition, WPHLS has become one of my favorite communities.  Being pre-med at Hopkins can sometimes be extremely daunting, but it is comforting to know that I have a group of 30 girls I can go to with any questions.  We also have a strong group of alumni WPHL’s members who fill us in on their experiences and give us advice.

Through WPHLS, I met my mentor, Maddie, a second year med student at Johns Hopkins.  I cannot believe that I have such an amazing and intelligent woman helping me through all my pre-med questions and anxieties!

Another event WPHLS does is a conference every spring.  Last spring the conference was Bridging the Gap: Presenting the Present and Future Women of Medicine.  At least fifteen female surgeons, researchers, and clinicians came from Hopkins Hospital, University of Maryland, and New York to speak about their experiences in the field of medicine.  It was one of the most inspiring conferences I’ve ever been to!

Last spring's Conference!

Last spring’s Conference!

I know that for many people, being pre-med at Hopkins can seem overwhelming and scary, but clubs like WPHLS, AED (The Pre-Medical Honor Society), and LEM (The Latino Pre-Health Society) help to make the Hopkins Pre-Med experience one of the most amazing ones!