To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

As an incoming freshmen there will be several opportunities for you to engage with your fellow peers and the greater Hopkins community before you even show up for orientation/ move-in. From social media to writing to design contests, every single member of the incoming class will have the opportunity to demonstrate their creativity, talents, and passion for Hopkins.

For me, one of these contests led me to my current on-campus job. During the end of the summer, I submitted a design for the class banner. My submission didn’t win the class contest, but I did get an email from the Reunion and Homecoming Office asking if they could use my design to make postcards for Homecoming 2018. I was really happy to see my design used and made a few changes so that it read 2018 instead of 2021.

This tiny project became the first of many I’ve done since for this office. After finalizing all of the changes for the now postcard design, I didn’t hear from the office for a while; not until after the Student Employment Fair, held in one of the first few weeks of the school year. There, I submitted resumes to almost any job I could, including one to the Reunion Office.

I’ll take a moment here to say that from my friends’ and my own experiences, almost all efforts to find student employment are successful, but range extremely in how long they take to be fruitful. I managed to get a job from the Student Employment fair, but will also say that I didn’t hear back from really any of the other places I talked to there (for which I am extremely grateful in retrospect because I love working at the Reunion and Homecoming Office and couldn’t imagine working anywhere else). For any students reading this looking for campus employment, I would say that persistence and luck are the two largest factors. It could take only one application; it could take two dozen applications.

Since starting as a student worker at Reunion and Homecoming, I’ve had the opportunity to both develop my envelope stuffing skills through our massive alumni mailings and work on creative opportunities like designing a splash screen for our Alumni Weekend app. I can’t imagine my time at Hopkins without going to the office, and for any incoming or prospective students, I strongly advocate for pursuing campus jobs. I think it’s a really great opportunity not only to start working on paying off those tuition loans but also spend a few hours a week focusing on something other than academics. It challenges you to be more efficient with your free time and can also be a place where you can meet friends outside your usual circle. I can’t guarantee that anyone will luck out like I did, but I do still encourage everyone to participate in the university facilitated competitions and engage before coming to campus: you never know what might come from it.