I’m currently seated at the kitchen table in my mom’s apartment, smelling fresh coffee brewing and toast toasting and my dog just chilling because she was just outside in the rain, and the wet dog smell is kind of inevitable. I can safely say that I could just stay here, forever, and never go back to Hopkins and be totally happy.

Obviously, that last statement is an exaggeration of its own; I’d likely get pretty sick of the wet dog smell, my back would get stiff from the wooden chair I’m sitting in, and the smell of coffee might eventually nauseate me. Eventually. But with finals season looming overhead and a good deal of work to do before I go back, the whole “staying at home forever” option grows more viable with each glance at my to-do list: Write and submit follow-on piece for Journalism class by Monday. Memorize completed part of Spanish presentation and schedule a time to meet up with the group. Workshop letters for Wednesday. Response paper for Wednesday. Final paper for GhostFood — ??? (the three question marks mean, ‘you still have no idea what you’re writing about, figure that out STAT.’) and the list goes on.

At home, I’m able to sit on the couch for hours and read books I said I’d read three months ago at school, “for pleasure,” as they say. I can open my laptop and, in three days time, make my way through the entirety of “The Great British Baking Show, Season 1” because it’s on Netflix and is quite possibly one of the greatest baking competition shows I’ve ever seen. Granted, I’m one of those people who has been semi-obsessed with the U.K. since pre-K (I know you see what I did there, and I know it’s hilarious), but still, I highly recommend this show. At home, I can get chai tea lattes in huge mugs with my best friend and spill half of the contents on myself before I’ve even had the first sip, and then wander around Rite-Aid for an hour eating a bag of chips I’ve yet to pay for and reading fashion magazines I forget exist at school. At home, I can walk my dog through the park and listen to an absurdly acoustic playlist and not think about my impending Final Exam for Linguistics or Final Presentation for Spanish or Workshop for Intro to Fiction, all of which are taking place on the same day, in four-ish days or so. This is what me pretending like I don’t have responsibilities looks like:

My mom has definitely improved on her iPhone photography skills, and I am so proud

My mom has definitely improved on her iPhone photography skills, and I am so proud.

So maybe things are theoretically easier at home, and in this moment — 9:30 on a Friday morning — I don’t want to go back to school. But I have to keep things in perspective, and so maybe this blog is sort of selfish in that way; it’s what I’m using to re-ground myself in my reality as a Hopkins student, one who plans to study abroad next year and needs to start working on applications soon (like, very soon), one who has a stupid amount of finals happening this coming week (even though it’s not even technically finals week yet) and a spring semester schedule to finalize (because I’m still waitlisted for you, Intro to Poetry, and I still don’t know what to do about that!! You’re a REQUIREMENT.) I’m a Hopkins student who’s looking to intern over the summer in a place that may or may not be home — New York, D.C., I’m looking at you (hopefully). All of these things — and plenty more — require me getting out of this semi-comfortable wooden chair in my mom and I’s breakfast nook and not petting my dog for a little while. I need to do as much work as possible before I get back from break (aka in two days — ah, procrastination) to make the coming days bearable, and I really need to start planning for my responsibilities next semester: see ‘study abroad’, ‘schedule’, and ‘intern’. Home has been lovely, but, despite the beginning sentiment of this blog, Hopkins is where I truly need to be right now. And I think that’s for the best.