During orientation week, we were told that “breaking the Hopkins bubble” was of the utmost importance. This meant that we were supposed to venture beyond the comforts of campus and actually experience all that Baltimore has to offer.

Over the few months I’ve been here, I’ve found that this is most definitely true. Whether it is simply eating at Pizza Studio instead of the FFC on Friday nights, taking a day trip to the Inner Harbor, or treating yourself to a bit of retail therapy at Towson Town Center, I’ve found that although I absolutely adore our beautiful white marble/red brick campus, it is comforting to remind myself that there is a world outside of our university.

A few weeks ago, my friends and I took one of our favorite outings to date. I love trying new restaurants, and Baltimore has an abundance of fun, quirky spots to try. We decided to go to Spoons (10/10 would recommend), a restaurant in Federal Hill, which is a neighborhood near the Inner Harbor. (I have yet to fully understand the geography of Baltimore, but we’re making progress.)

The food was absolutely divine. I got a sandwich called ‘The Beast,’ which consisted of a breakfast biscuit, egg, fried chicken, and gravy. Though this probably wasn’t the healthiest option, I had just finished a two hour morning practice and I was quite literally starving. Regretfully, I started eating before I remember to take a picture.

After we ate, we walked over to the top of Federal Hill, which overlooks the Inner Harbor. I’ve been to Inner Harbor a ton of times, but it was cool being able to see the Baltimore skyline from a different perspective. (And also take lots of pictures.)

good afternoon Baltimore

good afternoon Baltimore

Afterwards, we headed back to campus, and a few of us snuck away to the Wolman Kitchen to bake a birthday cake for later that evening. All in all, this was one of my favorite days I’ve had here, and I am so grateful to go to school in such an awesome city.