This past weekend for Family Weekend 2014, my parents’, in their infinite wisdom, decided to send my 23 year old brother, Luis, to Baltimore for the weekend. And may I dare say, it was bound to be legen…wait for it…dary.


My inevitable How I Met Your Mother reference


The amazing part about having someone come in to visit is that you get to re-explore the city you have been living in. I have been in Baltimore for about two months, so I am basically an official Baltimorean. I really hadn’t given myself the time to explore Baltimore since move-in day, so now is the time! I told my brother to expect the best weekend of his life, and that’s what we had together.

IMG_2511              IMG_2540


We started our weekend with a trip to Inner Harbor and did everything that every generic tourist should do, and if you don’t believe me, please see the multiple pictures we took. We just decided to take the day as it came, and that led to an amazing day, meeting amazing people, and seeing some amazing views.

IMG_2502   IMG_2539   IMG_2543   IMG_2504


We spent the next couple days exploring the campus and its surrounding areas. I showed him my favorite spots in Brody, and my least favorite spots in the library (I’m looking at you D-Level). I showed him the magic of the moving bookshelves, and the awesomeness of our racket ball courts. We experienced some brotherly bonding, some brotherly competition, and mostly, we experienced Baltimore.




IMG_2541         IMG_2542