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If you ask any one of my friends right now what my favorite thing is, there will be no need for any further specification. This vague question has a very pointed answer: my favorite thing right now is the bunny filter on Snapchat. I don’t know why, but it gives me a lot of joy.


The photo that started it all.

Sometimes it’s the little things in life. It’s taking a picture of your friend while they do work in the library and watching their studious face become a cute little bunny face. It’s a friend sending a picture of themselves to you as a bunny to cheer you up when you’ve had a long day day. Sometimes it’s even a miniature war to see who can send the most inconspicuous bunny snaps.


When an FFC lunch and work session becomes a competition to see how many people you can turn in to bunnies in one fell swoop

The thing about the bunny filter is that I’m very serious about it. I’ve lost “important” snap-streaks with people because my phone couldn’t recognize my face for a day, and then voilà: no bunny, no Snapchat. You, as a prospective student or current student may be asking yourself, why does this matter, and what does this have anything to do with being a Hopkins student?


When your friends acknowledge that your choices are good ones

A lot of the time, as I write these blogs, I ask myself how I can still be relevant to prospective students. I often feel that I’m so far in to my experience as Hopkins that the stories I have and the experiences I’m living through might not yet be relevant to a junior or senior in high school. To those students, I say this: even though college life may seem confusing, choosing classes may seem like a distant future, and summer plans may seem like a simple return trip home, the college experience is built by more than these things.


A level homework night gets a little bit more fun

Hopkins is the only place where all of my friends let me be all of the versions of myself that I want to be around them. Sometimes, that means I’m silly and unable to focus. Other times, it means that I’m frustrated with an assignment and angry at the world. I can be worried about my future and sleep until 12PM so I don’t have to worry about it, or I can wake up at 8AM on a Saturday to go to a city cleanup because I want to make a difference. I can be awake-until 3AM-Joanna, or Octopodes-rehearsal Joanna. Sometimes I’m bad-at-coding Joanna, and others, I’m laboratory-wizard Joanna.


Rehearsing hard or hardly rehearsing?

For now, being myself means only wanting to send photos of people as bunnies, and I wanted to dedicate this blog to all of those who have been victims of my desire to see them as a bunny, but have still continued to love me regardless.