This year, I am lucky enough to live in Homewood Apartments, a beautiful on-campus housing option (apartment tour to come!!) which is located right above the brand new social student space, the LaB. The LaB is open from 7 PM – 2 AM, making it a new favorite for grabbing a late night bite.

Beyond food, the LaB is known for its fun and funky atmosphere, trivia nights, games, and even dance and stand-up comedy shows. It’s also just a great place to meet up with friends to hang out over a milkshake or a change of scenery for studying. Here are a few things to love about the LaB:

The Menu. The LaB boasts a menu that could satisfy the foodiest-of-foodies, with specialties like a Nitro Coffee Float, Nutella-filled Beignets, a DIY nacho bowl (including tater tots as a base option? I’m so in), and a Vegan Three Bean Chili, among so much more!  You order on a touch screen, letting you customize exactly what you want. Also, there are specials every day of the week, so if you happen to be craving a milkshake on  a Tuesday, you only have to dish out 2 bucks. Essentially, you can satisfy your salty, sweet, and novelty vegan cravings all in one place; what more could you ask for?

Image of menu of the LabImage of menu of the lab

Image of touch screen for ordering

The Atmosphere. The LaB is themed, well, like a lab! This gives it a modern-luxury-hotel feel, with colorful furniture, fluorescent lights and more. It makes me feel like I’ve stepped off campus and went on a little vacation, and I really love that I can get that just from stepping a few feet outside of my apartment. The tables are a great place to study, while the chairs and couches are great for socialization! There’s even outdoor seating by the entrance, and a balcony upstairs, so when Baltimore weather is treating you well, you can sit outside and enjoy a view over a late night snack.

Image of seating at the lab

Image of outside balcony at Lab

Image of food ordering station at lab

The Entertainment. The lab not only provides TVs, board games, and video games for students to enjoy, but they also host events regularly! From salsa nights to gaming nights to comedy shows, the LaB really has all you could want in terms of entertainment. It also gives students an opportunity to try something new and get out of our comfort zones!

Image of the events calendar at the lab

Image of students playing chess


All in all, the LaB is a great new addition to the Homewood campus! I’m so excited to be living so close to it this year, and can’t wait to take advantage of their delicious food and entertainment.