carolchirppicturenewName: Caroline Bradford

Major: Public Health

Hometown: Hagerstown, Maryland

Year: Class of 2017

What’s something you’ve discovered lately?

I’m constantly discovering new and fascinating places to study in and around campus. I don’t want to reveal my favorite quiet spaces, but I promise there are enough cubbies and niches for every student here on campus, and that’s something I love about our home! I recently discovered a new table space on D level of the library, and though it sounds terrifying, this subterranean floor is apparently where my best organic chem studying is founded. Changing up my routine has proved effective and the thrill of the lookout for new potential spaces is enough to keep me from staying in one location too long.

What’s your favorite thing about this school?

THE PEOPLE!! The amazing students and faculty I have met here are the reason I love this place. I know they’re the perfect combination of unique backgrounds and empathy needed to understand my nerdy habits. I know wherever I travel in this world, I’ll find a friend in Hop colors to hookup with. I truly believe I would never have met better friends than I have here had I attended any other college. I can’t imagine leaving our Hopkins Bubble for a world in which my best friends and colleagues are all in a five-block radius from me.

What’s something you wish you got involved with?

I really wish I had gotten involved with HERU, the student emergency response team on campus. I have so much respect for those who put others before themselves in regard to dangerous situations. I’ve also come to realize I like being in quick settings where instinct precedes thought, and what better than HERU on campus? It just seems the timing of training and hours of commitment coincide nicely with my schedule, though maybe some semester it will. Regardless, I applaud those involved and those who have and will make a difference here on our campus.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Peanut butter. Peanut butter on crackers, peanut butter on rice cakes, peanut butter on chocolate, peanut butter on ice cream. In particular, peanut butter on a plain spoon. In my small freshman year dorm, I was terrified to bring out my spoon and shovel pure pb bliss onto my grateful palette. It took no time at all, however, for those around me to grow accustomed to my late night snacks and midday meals. Such a guilty pleasure. Peanut butter is always the answer.

What’s your favorite memory since you’ve been at Hopkins?

On campus, I play intramural soccer. And we go hard. We rally every friend who has ever heard of a soccer ball to play with us, and we’re terrible. But we go hard. One of my roommates played with me, and our power on the field was an unharnessed force. What made one game of silly intramural soccer my best memory at Hopkins was that my two other roommates came to watch. So simple, but such a college thing to do. I love the friends and experiences I’ve had so far, and can’t wait for the next two years.