Nothing is better than the smell of chocolate chip pancakes in the morning. I mean it. If you don’t believe me go grab a box of Bisquick, a packet of chocolate chips, and a griddle….the moment those bad boys hit the stove you’ll be convinced; it’s truly an ethereal experience. If you’re ever having a bad day, stack up some chocolate chip pancakes, or better yet, get someone to make them for you. If you can’t find someone to whip you up a batch then do the next best thing, order some. With the swarm of food delivery services that have infiltrated college campuses all over the nation cheap, delicious food is never more than 45 minutes away, and for something like chocolate chip pancakes this is hardly a price to pay. My favorite place near Hop to get these cocoa infused slapjacks is definitely Pete’s Grille, a no frills, cash only joint that has been dishing out breakfast treats since 1952. Their fluffy, chocolate stuffed cakes fill you up to the brim, and the butter and syrup they throw in with your hotcakes takes the experience from 0 to 100 real quick.

When you don't have bisquick gotta turn to Krusteaz

When you don’t have bisquick gotta turn to Krusteaz

What is the point of my 200 word ode to chocolate chips? Well it’s really quite simple. Sitting down with friends the morning before a test and chatting/listening to music over chocolate chip pancakes is the best form of stress relief you could possibly find. College is a stressful place, and finding ways to relieve some of that stress and tension are the only way you can make it through a normal week. Between problem sets, lab reports, quizzes, midterms, and all the other hurdles college kids must traverse, pancake mornings are a welcome change. The last two weeks, right before my quizzes, I’ve made sure to indulge in the fluffy, rich delicacy, and it’s undoubtedly been the best decision of my week.

Last week I placed an order at the aforementioned Pete’s Grille, and as I made the 10 minute walk down from my dorm to pancake paradise, all I could think about were those flapjacks. As I walked In and handed the waitress 10 dollars, getting $3.50 back in return, (who knew they could be so cheap) I couldn’t help but smile as she gave me my stack. Walking home I had to restrain myself from digging in, a task which required incredible self-restraint, but I ended up making it and voraciously dove into the fluffy discs of joy at a café. Even though I didn’t do very well in my Molecules and Cells quiz afterwards, I was relaxed and at peace while taking it.

The stove where the magic happens - sidenote if you don't have chocolate chips use nutella

Where the magic happens – sidenote if you don’t have chocolate chips use Nutella

This week my friends and I all had quizzes/tests on Friday morning, so we all decided to have a pancake breakfast right beforehand. We gathered in my good pal Aleser’s apartment and made chocolate chip pancakes while listening to music and doing the last of our studying. We chowed down, talked about our lives, listened to Future, and just relaxed as we got in the mindset for our upcoming exams. Everyone was dancing and eating and having a great time, and it was so cool to see everyone so loose before their exams.

Chocolate chip pancakes change lives, and I don’t know how it took me this long to realize it.