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Don’t get me wrong, I love the Fresh Food Cafe; being able to eat as much food as I want and getting to pick from so many different cuisines is heavenly. That being said, it can get repetitive after a while, and sometimes I just don’t have the time to sit down at the FFC and eat a meal. This is when Charles Street Market comes in clutch. Char Mar has Meals in a Minute, a program where you can come in, grab a packaged entrée and 3 sides/snacks, and be out in 2 minutes. I love meals in a minute, because when I’m in a rush it gives me a quick, yet still filling, meal option. Additionally, it’s a nice alternative to eating at the FFC every day. Now, when you’re trying to just grab some quick sustenance you might not exactly be scanning the shelves looking for the best possible meal you can find, but nevertheless there is definitely a hierarchy when it comes to selecting your meal in a minute; let’s get into it.



   It’s Time for a Good Old Sandwich                         Showdown

#9. Salads….Truth be told I’ve never tried one, don’t plan on it

#8. Roast Beef Sandwich – I’m not a beef person….that’s it….if you like roast beef I’m sure this is solid

#7. Egg Salad Sandwich – Again not too much of an egg salad person – this is pretty average

#6. Gluten Free Turkey and Cheese – I love Turkey and cheese but the gluten free bread is just….well….

#5. Turkey and Cheese Hoagie – Very solid sandwich, lots of vegetables and good white meat turkey make me feel healthy eating it. Bread is good, cheese is average, turkey is solid.

#4. Ham and Cheese – I love this combo, and this sandwich is no different, great ham, and solid bread and cheese make it a go-to

#3. Jerk Turkey/Chicken Wrap – I can’t really tell the difference between the Jerk Chicken and Jerk Turkey, but mystery meat aside they’re both very solid. The jerk flavoring is really good, and wrapping it with vegetables and a tortilla is always a safe bet.

#2. Italian – Regardless of it’s gut-busting capabilities, this meat stuffed monstrosity is absolutely delicious, and the mounds of salami and capicola hit the spot when all I want is meat.

#1. Muffins – These are nearly as good as Costco muffins…enough said.




Grandma’s Cookies Comin’ In Clutch

#8. Nutri-Grain Bars – Too many sad snack time memories of pulling out Nutri-grain bars from my lunchbox and being disappointed

#7. Soda – If I really want soda I can just fill up at the FFC

#6. Juice – Low-risk low-reward right here, juice is almost never bad…but it’s rarely too good either, Char Mar is no exception

#5. Fruit – This is a day-to-day thing. I like bananas, so if Char Mar bananas are ripe I’m golden, but if not I usually settle for an orange.

#4. Yogurt – Yoplait is love, Yoplait is life

#3. Chips – So much variety, so much fried crispy goodness

#2. Milk – Skim, whole, Chocolate, lactose free…the choices are endless, so is the deliciousness

#1. Cookies – I love dessert if you can’t tell


      One of My Favorite Combos….an Italian   Sandwich with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Cookies, and                   Skim Milk to Balance it Out :p

As you can see the combinations are endless at Char Mar, and there’s no way to go wrong, but if I had to pick my all time favorite combos I would go with an Italian sandwich with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Peanut Butter Cookies, and some milk, or I would go with a double chocolate muffin, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, milk, and a banana.