Decorating a new space can seem like a daunting challenge at the start of a new school year.

Organic Chemistry?
Linear Algebra?
Those seem like a breeze compared to the task of turning several (very) white walls into a new home.
Luckily, someone much more clever than I engineered a simple product to make this task more manageable: the Command Strip.

The idea is simple. You peel, you stick, and you don’t have to pay Housing damage fees at the end of the semester.

Take a look at my room:


What is that holding up those lights? Is that a Command hook?

What about the clock? The Command hook strikes again!


Don’t forget about the task of extra storage and organization. Command hook to the rescue!

IMG_9122 IMG_9123

Need somewhere to plug in a computer or phone charger while studying? The Command strip and power strip are the perfect pairing.


Hanging a whiteboard? Hook it up!


Markers? Strip.

Eraser? You guessed it: Command strip it to the wall.

Let’s move on to the living room:

Who says the hook can’t go on the ceiling to hold up a lantern?


Or on the wall to hold up some extra light?


Though quite possibly the best feat of the Command products may be this nifty paper towel contraption on the wall of my friend Carissa’s kitchen.

When in doubt, Command it out!