Finals are stressful; that kind of goes without saying. With exams looming, projects rearing their ugly heads, and the premise of sitting out on the beach more tempting than ever, it’s a wonder that everyone hasn’t resorted to laying in the fetal position on the floors of their dorm rooms.

Of course there’s work to do, but there is still one accompanying question that remains unanswered: where is it going to be done?

If I’ve learned nothing else from the copious hours I have spent watching House Hunters, it’s the value of a good location (of course I’ve also learned that more and more people are in search of the elusive “man cave,” but that’s irrelevant right now).


Reality TV at its finest

Deciding on a study space is a lot like shopping for a house. Do you want a trendy high rise, with windows and ~natural light~? Then the Brody atrium and study rooms will probably suit your needs.


The Brody high rise

Looking for a trendy neighborhood close to food, cafes, hustle, and bustle? Then maybe you should check out the Gilman, Brody Café, or Levering Lounge.

When I have exams to study for, I usually opt for a cubicle on B level of the library. It’s just enough space, lets me focus, and is mere steps away from the social activity of Brody.

Maybe my cubicle today was a bit of a “fixer-upper,” but I’m okay with projects. Sure, the last tenant left a guacamole-stained Chipotle napkin, but that just means this cubicle has been loved before. Plus, it’s pretty impressive that someone managed to smuggle a burrito into the library.


Remnants of tenants past

See, there’s even a small kitchen area, with just enough snacks to fuel a marathon Calculus III study session.


My spacious kitchen! Kind of…..

Desk area? I think you mean in-home theatre perfect for watching lectures on YouTube (and perhaps the occasional Beyonce music video).


Now playing: surface integrals

The chair is comfortable enough to prevent total misery, yet uncomfortable to prevent any unintentional naps, which is really the best of both worlds if you ask me.

Oh and the best part? The copious storage space. There’s a shelf above, space below, and several rows of lockers behind your head. Ok, maybe the people on House Hunters have also taught me the value of walk-in closets and storage for women’s shoes.


Lockers on Lockers

Though, during finals week, anything goes, and if you can make somewhere feel like home, that’s what’s right.



Selling point of the study rooms: the ability to project a fireplace onto the wall