To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

8:00 AM: After having snoozed 10 alarms (this is not a joke; my poor roommate can attest), I finally wake up at 8:00 AM. I figure 5 more minutes of sleep won’t hurt because c’mooooon, it’ll just be 5 minutes (this is my first mistake).

8:45 AM: All of a sudden I wake up in a cold sweat, praying that I haven’t slept longer than five minutes. I check my phone and—oH MY GOD CLASS STARTS IN 15 MINUTES. 

9:00 AM: After severely abridging my morning routine, shoving everything into my backpack and sprinting faster than Usain Bolt himself (Usain’s got nothing on a college student late to class), I make it to chem! One of the many wonderful things about living in AMR I is the fact that it’s in such close proximity to all of the buildings your classes are at. 

10:00 AM: Calc II; my second (and last) class of the day. Today we’re learning series – i’ve (thankfully) read the chapter last night so I’m not completely lost in lecture (highly recommend). 

11:00 AM: Since I couldn’t eat breakfast before class today, I decide to go to the FFC for brunch (at what point in the day does a meal become brunch anyways? do the same conventions apply for lunch/dinner? and what would we even call that? linner? dunch, perhaps?).

On the way, I see that the Blue Jay out front has been redecorated! It’s always a surprise walking to the dining hall, all sorts of student groups will spray paint the heck out of this guy to advertise whatever event/concert/etc. they’re putting on that week. This particular one is advertising the spring musical, Cabaret!

12:15 PM: Today is Wednesday, so I have to take the JHMI (pronounced ‘jimmy’ NOT ‘J-H-M-I’ as I learned the hard (and very embarrassing) way) to the med campus for research. Being from the suburbs, public transportation is still such a novelty to me as weird as it sounds (but honestly I love it). 

12:30 – 4:30 PM: Depending on what lab you’re at, research can mean different things. The lab that I do research at would be considered ‘wet lab’ which basically just means we physically handle chemicals/biological substances. Today, I’m embedding brains into a cryocompound and freezing them so they can later be sliced. 

4:45 PM: Lunch??? Dinner?? Do you see what I mean?! 

6:00 PM: I make my way over to Mason Hall for an undergraduate research award orientation. This is a mandatory meeting for any student that receives a grant from the university to conduct Hopkins-sponsored research. We go over things like responsible usage of funds and IRB approval for interviewing human subjects (both very important things). Also there’s pizza!

7:30 – 10:00 PM: Study grind at Brody, which is my (and the rest of the student body’s, really) favorite place to study. I’ve found that I get the most work done in a Level A cubicle (plenty of leg room, huge fans, walled off tables). 

Rest of the night: Unwind, watch a few shows, embroider.

My days are not nearly this busy, usually. There are also many, many more snack breaks throughout the day than was documented here. Also naps. Many more naps.