I wrote about my beloved red backpack and all of its miscellaneous contents a few semesters ago. My backpack is one of my main identifiers on campus, allowing friends to spot me from across Gilman quad or find where I’m sitting on B Level. But in addition to my behemoth of a book bag, I have a few other characteristic accessories: my laptop, my water bottle, and my collection of coffee travel mugs.


This season’s ~hottest accessories~

Let’s start simply. I have a 2013 MacBook Pro, which has helped me through the late nights studying for finals and kept me company whilst binge-watching Portlandia on Netflix. Upon signing up for Amazon prime, I impulse-bought a Giving Tree decal for my computer, mostly because the Giving Tree remains one of my favorite books but also because I couldn’t pass up a $4 laptop decal with free shipping.


I’ve never loved anyone more.

While my laptop lives in my backpack, I can usually be spotted toting around both a travel mug and my Nalgene water bottle.

Like JHU_Genevieve (s/o for this blogspiration), my water bottle is essentially covered in stickers.

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Stickers a., d., & e., were all acquired from various galleries in Station North. On the first Friday of every month, several galleries open their doors for free to the public as a part of All Over Street (see: sticker f.). Station North (as previously mentioned by JHU_Molly and the artist-formerly-known-as JHU_Joseph) is a cool neighborhood right around Penn Station and is home to MICA and a hub for Baltimore’s arts community. The gallery shows are always really cool an interesting, and as an added bonus, there’s usually free food and sometime free stickers!

I got sticker b. for free at a food festival I attended last Spring. I have no idea what the company is, but they gave me this dope sticker, so I thought it deserved a place on the water bottle.

Stickers c. and d. pay homage to last year’s Spring Fair. Spring Fair is arguably the best weekend of the year, and last year’s theme was Survivor. I’m still standing after consuming more than my fair share of fried oreos and falafel, so I guess you could say I made it through the Tribal Council.

In case it hasn’t been abundantly clear over the past few years, I like (love?) all things Disney, hence Mickey’s smiling face both in sticker i. and the travel mug I plucked off the shelf of my apartment this morning.

Last but not least, I snagged sticker g. from someone on the Breezeway who was handing out stickers to get people to use reusable water bottles. Unable to resist a good (or bad) pun, I quickly slapped it on my Nalgene.


tl;dr my water bottle is merely a means to me not losing my keys

While not stickers, I also tend to keep my keys clipped to my water bottle to prevent myself from losing them and getting locked out of my apartment/building/ design team drawer where I keep KCups. Fitting with sticker i., my keys are accessorized with an Up keychain.

What do these things say about me?
Kind of unclear, though mostly that I like free things and hate empty space on my accessories, which is not an entirely inaccurate depiction of JHU_Emily.