The last weeks leading up to spring break are grueling. We clock a crazy amount of hours in the library submitting assignments and studying for midterms, but it’s all worth it for the moment we set our pencils down or click submit, knowing that we will have an amazing week of relaxation. Now I know Spring Break is the week that most people travel to hit the beach or go home to reunite with high school friends, but this break I decided to have a staycation, right here in Baltimore. You might be thinking…really, Girija, ANOTHER break at Hopkins? And though I’m a big fan of traveling, I also really love the opportunity to enjoy Baltimore without worrying about classes. There’s great activities, fun traditions, and most importantly, delicious food (As learned from Thanksgiving in Charm City, aka when Ellie and I learned how to effectively expand our stomach size).


a live music float!


We kicked off day one of Spring Break with some much needed retail therapy at the Towson Mall—just a 20 minute bus ride from campus. Yesterday though, we stumbled upon one of Baltimore’s traditions: The St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Starting at the Washington Monument, the parade continues down to the Inner Harbor. With floats, marching bands, bagpipes, leprechauns, and schools of Irish Dance, the parade was spirited and a lot of fun! We followed it all the way down to the Inner Harbor and finished it off with some Shake Shack.


Not too sure what these guys were, but they were my favorite



YUM doesn’t this make you hungry??

So far, break has successfully been relaxing. And while I’m excited to see what’s in store for the rest of the week, the other great thing about break is knowing what’s to come right afterwards. As you’ve heard us all rave about, Spring at Hopkins is amazing. With the weather warming up, this year definitely holds some great adventures…I can’t wait!