Domus. The Latin word for home. A home is more than a physical building – it’s a place in which you belong, where you feel comfortable. It’s where you start and end your day. A home is a gathering place for loved ones, a place full of memories. I call Denver home; nothing can beat the crisp mountain air, snow in May, and my mom’s cooking. However, over the course of the year, I had unknowingly acquired another ‘home’. For example, this past Spring Break I called my roommate to see when she was coming back. What I didn’t realize until after our conversation ended was that I had asked her when she was coming home and not when she was returning to campus or the dorm. Whether this is any indication of my progress on this thing called ‘life’ is unbeknownst to me, but one thing I know for sure is that my first year of college has been nothing short of amazing. Now that freshman year is coming to a close, it’s time to say goodbye to McCoy T02A, which has been my domus, my home, for the past year.

McCoy Hall is a mixed freshman and sophomore suite-style housing option on campus. “McCool” has a common kitchen, multi-purpose room, game room, (small) gym, and houses the WJHU Radio Station. Each floor has a Resident Advisor (RA) and is Co-Ed (individual suites are single-sex). Incoming freshman will fill out a housing application and roommate questionnaire the summer coming into Hopkins, and on it you can request a single/double and roommate (or go random!) A suite shares a bathroom and kitchenette with a mini fridge. The suite-style dorms (McCoy, Wolman, and Buildings A&B) all have AC and heating. The only downside to living in a suite-style dorm is that you have to clean your own bathroom. I would say that a big part of my freshman experience has not been the actual dorm itself, but the people who lived in it with me. My floor mates have become some of my closest friends, many of us are living together next year! We have spent a good many nights out in the common room watching movies, studying, eating, laughing, jamming out on our multiple guitars, watching football games (BRONCOS ftw), or playing Smash. We had a Harry Potter themed floor, so we watched a movie from the series every Sunday night. My RA, Anjani, also made us Butterbeer 😀


The Terrace common room: the site of many loud, fun nights


Welcome to T02!


We were the corner room, so our suite had a loooong hallway


Our bathroom (they provide toilet paper so nw), kitchenette, and a removable whiteboard decal for a calendar in the hall


Front and back of our door ft. my roommate’s sorority decorations


Fun fact: we got the futon for free from a yard sale in Mt. Vernon- anything can fit into an Uber XL, trust me


The dorms come with a bed, desk, drawer, and closet per person


So what is this home, you ask me? To me, home is: late night guitar sessions, laughter that can be heard through the walls, watching too many Disney movies, riding longboards down the halls, staying up talking about life, hiding in closets and scaring people, cooking our first college meals, ordering our first college Chinese take-out, spontaneous gatherings of friends, waking each other up for midterms/finals, floor trips to late night, overhearing laundry room conversations, the sounds of “Are you out of the bathroom yet?”s and “Can I wear this”s, and many more memories that I will cherish. Although I will be moving into Charles Commons for my sophomore year, T02A will always have a special place in my heart as home. My domus.