One of my best friends Samantha and I always say that everything in college happens at least 3 times faster than real life. I’m not kidding when I say that the happenings of one month in normal life seem to happen in the span of about 2 weeks. It’s like dog years or something…or maybe not because I’ve never really understood how dog years work (oops).  It sounds cheesy, but things change with the bat of an eyelash! So here I am, saying that I actually cannot believe that it’s sophomore year.


my friend Julin and I, circa second week of school. EXCITED to be freshman and EXCITED to have matching shirts

As I read and answer questions on the Class of 2018 Facebook group (love you guys), it feels like I was just asking the same questions. My number one concern was scheduling classes too close together and worrying that I wouldn’t make it to class on time, and I remember being comforted by JHU_Kevin’s wonderful blog where he timed himself walking around campus. I too was extremely worried about getting from campus to the airport, and about whether I was going to be able to find vegetarian/vegan food in the area. And as O-week arrives, I remember the excited nerves I had for move-in day, for meeting my roommates and floormates and for creating brand new friendships. I remember the first night our floor nervously stayed up late together hoping to bond, I remember getting all fancy (not so subtle reference to the fact that IGGY IS COMING TO B’MORE) for convocation, and I remember the big building dinners at the FFC. And as the memories flood in I can hardly believe it’s been a year…and I can’t believe how much I’m going to miss it. I loved freshman year and at the end of it I was so glad I was done—I had finished chapter 1 and the real stuff was about to begin. But now I find myself wishing it wasn’t over. It was so much fun to be the newbies, to be the ones who were expected to make mistakes and learn from them. Although scary in the moment, it was fun to end up on a part of campus that I wasn’t too familiar with. It was invigorating to be forced out of my comfort zone and to let myself do things I hadn’t done before.


Suite 310 all dressed up for convocation! I put a lot of effort into my french-braid bun but unfortunately it wasn’t seen in this picture

I also know though, that it’s not good to dwell too much on the past. I shouldn’t sit here and wish I could be a freshman forever because what fun would that be? Even though I get anxiety when people mistakenly ask if I’m a junior or a senior (though considering my height, most of them probably mean junior or senior in high school…but I clarify with “NOPE just a sophomore at college” no worries), I know that these next three years are going to be fantastic. There are pros to already being comfortable in your surroundings, to have a slightly better idea of where you’re headed and a wonderful group of friends to return to. BUT that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be just a wee bit jealous of the brand new freshmen about to start writing their own first chapters. So here’s my little message for the Class of 2018: It’s going to be fast. Like really, really fast. So don’t forget to enjoy each moment, because there’s nothing like it. I promise you’ll love it.