drmiller3Name: Dr. Michael Miller

Department: Biomedical Engineering

Position: Director, Center for Imaging Science

Also, that’s his systems and controls class taking a selfie.

What puts a smile on your face?

Every year we get to teach another class of brilliant amazing remarkable students in Biomedical Engineering, Signals-Systems-Controls. I am having the most fun these days when I am interacting with sophomores in the classroom, and outside the classroom.

What’s a change you’ve made recently?

These days we are trying to increase the role of the students in the classroom, having them interact, as well as inviting them to interact with us directly through other social mechanisms such as google chat. I hope to be able to field a regular chat session during classes that gives students more informal mechanisms to hangout and ask me questions.

What’s something that surprised you about Hopkins?

I have been so impressed with my colleagues, faculty like Sri Sarma whom I get to teach Signals, Systems and Controls with, and how wonderful they are. One of the reasons Hopkins is a special place with special students, is the faculty appreciate each other and the students.

What is your favorite thing about teaching at Hopkins?

The students. Brilliant and devoted. I love the students.

What’s a piece of advice that you would give to an incoming student?

To take advantage of their marvelous faculty. What is so great about JHU is faculty at JHU are making the markets. Disciplines are being defined by the faculty at JHU. The BME faculty at JHU pioneered the field of Biomedical Engineering, and are defining new areas of study that is defining the undergraduate curriculum. The genome class introduced by Joel Bader is a recent example. Come talk to the faculty. Ask them questions in class. Don’t hide.

What inspired you to become a professor?

My father held higher education in high regard. That somehow filtered through.

What is your biggest goal as a professor and as a researcher?

To make a contribution. To do something that matters. Has an impact on the lives of our students, and or has an impact on society.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Going over to Brody commons, having an iced mocha espresso, and sitting around in the sun with the cool people at JHU.