The theory of “Dress Well, Test Well” was first presented to me during my junior year of high school, when one of my friends cited it as his reasoning behind wearing a full suit to our AP US exam. Being the curious individual that I am, I began to explore this theory further after that incident, and in my past two years of careful observation and “research,” I have come to two main ideologies behind this theory.

The first, as modeled here by my roommate Sarah, is the Comfort=Confidence ideology of Dress Well, Test Well.


An example of Comfort=Confidence


At first glance, this looks just like a normal, lazy day of yoga pants and a T-shirt. But upon closer observation, it is clear to see that there is a distinct methodology behind this outfit.


The devil’s in the details

The yoga pants optimize comfort, perfect for the usually uncomfortable lecture halls where exams are commonly held. While the t-shirt may just look like a quick grab form the top of a clean laundry pile, it was carefully chosen for Sarah’s chemistry exam. The materials science slogan seems to help Sarah get into the mindset of chemistry, as if to exclaim to the world that she is ready to defeat the exam.

This outfit is also accessorized with earrings and a watch, perfect to keep track of the time left in the exam and pull together the rest of the outfit.

The second leading ideology of Dress Well, Test Well is what I like to refer to as the “Unfazed” look.


Unfazed and exam-ready

I’m wearing what I would wear on a normal day: jeans (ok, all of my leggings were dirty), a semi-fashionable shirt, and even some jewelry. I like to think that this says, “I’m not afraid of you, bro” to the exam, thus boosting my confidence and hopefully my results.


You can call me the Bag Lady

However, it is clear that I have an odd choice of accessory. This is my affectionately named Bag of Knowledge, a Ziploc bag containing the flashcards for all of my class. While not necessarily fashionable, this bag is insanely practical, allowing me to study anywhere and get a last few minutes of cramming in before the exam begins.

These are, of course, just theories at this point, and in my next three years here at one of the top research institutions in the world, I hope to continue this study and come to a conclusion about what the best test day outfit truly is.