EllieName: Na Yung “Ellie” Park

Major: Film and Media Studies and Sociology (considering the Global Social Change track)

Hometown: Seoul, Korea

Year: Class of 2017

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That’s a hard question…I’m in the process of figuring that out! I want to do something creative, that’s the one thing. I want to like what I do, and I want to do something active.

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever been?

The one that pops into my head right now, was the first time I went to the MOMA. I like art history and the MOMA has everything that’s important for Modern Art. So it was a great experience…and it’s like a haven.

What puts a smile on your face?

Good movies, definitely. Like not typically fun movies, but movies that are just crazy. Those movies are the ones that make me smile!

What do you do when you’re not studying?

It depends on who’s around me…when I’m alone I’m probably on the Internet. And when I’m with my friends I’m probably on the Internet taking Buzzfeed quizzes!

What’s a piece of advice you would give to an incoming student?

It’s okay to not like Hopkins at first. For some people Hopkins is the first choice, and for others, it’s not…for me it wasn’t and I wasn’t happy at first with the idea of coming here. In the end though, somehow magically, it works out. And it’s a great school with great programs, and this school helps you find the way.