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At the start of every school year, there’s always some tumult involved with adjusting to a new schedule, new friends, new classes, new clubs, and new experiences. To say that I had an interesting start would probably be an understatement. I began the year in this crazy, but unbelievable program that has me living two miles from the campus I’ve decided to be on. The past few weeks have changed my frenzied back-and-forth to one that’s a little bit more lax. I know what I want to be studying, where I want to be, and who I want to be with while the whole process unfolds.

I’m oddly content, even knowing that my time here at Peabody is dwindling. It’s strange to know that I have a sort of clock on these music classes; once I leave here, they’ll be nothing more than elective credits, or perhaps credits toward a minor. My status as a double degree student will be remembered only in the courses from my freshman fall, but I know I’ve made friends over here that will last a lifetime (I’m looking at you, Double Degree crew).

Double Degree

3/4 of the crew on Halloween

As I write this, there’s a little twinge of sadness that I just can’t seem to shake. I’m kind of a perfectionist, and I need to wake up and remind myself every day that leaving this program does not make me a quitter. Some sadness comes from worrying about seeing my wonderful, beautiful, crazy friends over here who I know will still be taking 25+ credits per semester. Still, I know I’m making the right choice because it is my friends who I don’t want to leave behind, and the lost music degree seems to be second to that.

Even though I know I’ll miss my friends, we’re going to be separated by two miles, not two states, or two countries. My friend Cynthia and I are already planning FFC dates for Tuesdays in the spring (she’s majoring in piano and psychology, by the way). I could make a million references to everything falling into place, most of them involving Radiohead songs as evidence by the title, but I haven’t been this happy in a long time. I love Hopkins so much that I’m already planning on coming back for Intersession and potentially the summer so I can take Organic Chemistry (hope my mom doesn’t see this before I tell her). I’m excited to live on the main campus and I’m filling out my spring housing questionnaire as I write this. I can’t wait to not have to jump the last bus because I love being up at Homewood, whether I’m chilling in Brody, working out at the Rec Center, or hanging out in AMR II (now I’m looking at you, Lazear 3), but I’m grateful to know that I can come back to Peabody for chorus or just to visit pretty much whenever I want.

I think the only questions that remain now are: how am I supposed to transport posters that already have tape on them to a different dorm, will my clothes fit back into that suitcase that they were in during August, and when can we get this show on the road because I’m ready for my next adventure!

Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 11.38.44 AM

Here is an unrelated ode to my cat, Oscar, who was almost 15 years old and died last Saturday. He is my baby, and one of the hardest things about college is having a pet die while you’re away.