As second semester draws slowly to a close, I’m still not yet ready to reflect on my first year of college. I have finals to get through, and I’m sure that will bring with it a lot of introspection and soul searching… as well as many late night sandwich runs. I have however decided on classes for next semester and I’m very excited to branch out a little bit and take some less “generic classes” that really highlight Hopkins’ strengths.

To start off with some of the big guns, next semester I’m going to be taking Organic Chemistry I. The thought of Orgo instills fear in the hearts of pre-meds all across the country, and while I’m nervous for the workload and difficulties of the class I know that with all the support systems in place here at Hopkins, whether it’s the Learning Den, any other peer tutoring program, or simply having genius friends (looking at you JHU_Hayley) I’ll be more than fine.

Calculus II, will certainly be an interesting class. The version of the class I’m taking is geared towards students interested in the biological sciences, and for many of those students this will be the last math course they take so the class includes some non -calculus elements that the department deems important for every student to have learned. I’m excited to touch on topics that I’ll never even have heard of before, let alone learned about.

Fiction/Poetry Writing I- This will be the first creative writing class I’ve taken at Hopkins and I couldn’t be more pumped. I spent a lot of time writing for myself in high school (I took an extra lunch period as a second semester senior in the hopes of working on a collection of short stories… let’s just say I ate a lot more than I wrote) and with a busy freshman year schedule I wasn’t able to continue that as much as I would have liked. This course will force me to write and give me an opportunity to improve which I’m sure I can use.

Panorama of German Thought will definitely be the most interesting class I’m taking next semester. A course designed to span the breadth of the German philosophical tradition while also touching on other aspects of German cultural analysis, science and music, this class will give me a chance to learn more about some of history’s greatest thinkers. Hopkins also has an incredible German department and one of the professors teaching the course, Rochelle Tobias is a leading expert on German literature so I’m very excited.

Finally I’m taking a course called Marx: Critique of the Political Economy, which is being taught by one of my favorite TA’s from this past semester Arash Abazari. The class is limited to 19 students which will be nice to have a smaller setting for discussions and the course material, (Marx) will be something relatively new for me.

Can't wait to learn about this guy!

Can’t wait to learn about this guy!

After a semester full of large general level science/math classes, I’m excited to branch out a bit more into the humanities this upcoming semester and can’t wait to see where it will take me.