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“Before I came to Hopkins I never thought I’d……..”

With a campus so full of clubs and opportunities, this is a fairly common phrase to hear around Homewood. Whether it be doing research, changing a major, or picking up a unique hobby (circus club, anyone?), Hopkins offers a multitude of unexpected opportunities.

My response to this?

Well, before I came to college I never thought I’d join a frat.

Yes, I, JHU_Emily, am in a fraternity.

Now, before your head gets full of Animal House-esque images of me walking around with a College sweater in the style of John Belushi, perhaps I should explain.


So yeah, something like this


As of this past weekend, I’m a newly initiated brother of Alpha Phi Omega, a national co-ed service fraternity. Our APO chapter has about 175 members who work together to do service projects on campus and in the Baltimore community. We’ve helped set up for campus events, tutored Baltimore elementary school students, volunteered at walks and races, and done basically everything that can be considered “service.”

APO is about more than just service, though. We have a plethora of fellowships every week to build the organization’s sense of community and strengthen the brotherhood. We’ve gone bowling, laser-tagging, hiking, had a slumber party, and so much more. Our intramural sports teams kill it (we even have our own jerseys), and the organization is full of leadership opportunities.


This is my big, Kayla. She’s pretty cool.


I decided to pledge this semester kind of on a whim (spurred mostly by my friends who were pledging also), and I have to say that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Hopkins. Through the pledging process, I’ve gotten to know the people not only in my pledge class but also many of the brothers and gotten a chance to give back to the Hopkins community and the city of Baltimore.


My pledge class at initiation on Sunday


Before I came to Hopkins, I never thought I’d join a Greek organization, let alone a fraternity. But, hey, I guess you never know what’s going to happen.


We also had formal on a boat, so of course I exploited this opportunity