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I’ve learned a lot in the past week.

Of course I’ve finally learned the difference between SN1/ SN2/ E1/ E2 reactions, how to solve non-homogenous systems of equations, and the GPCR cell signaling mechanism.

But I’ve also learned that CharMar opens at 8am on Sundays and that they won’t let you in at 7:58 before you trek to the library to study for the two math finals you have three days later.

I’ve learned that the best workout is carrying 35 pounds of books up the stairs in Charles Commons and that you really can smuggle any sort of food you can think of into a B Level cubicle.

But perhaps most importantly, I’ve learned that the best friends aren’t necessarily the ones who make you go to the library but rather the ones that make you leave after you’ve been sitting in the same chair for upwards of twelve hours.


Find e-bo on B Level: a fun game for all

And also the ones who understand your inclination to over-caffeinate.


With great caffeine comes great responsibility

Don’t forget about the friends who encourage procrastination and celebrating the season.


Goons on ice ft. a Christmas sweater



12 hours later: in the library


And of course the ones who cheer you on and believe in your ability to defeat a marathon of math exams, while still being functional enough to turn around and study for Orgo, MolCell, and Sociology.


JHU_Girija , who is currently sitting approx. 10 feet away from me



Math exams are the great unifier


Ok this is actually my mother


Selfies and false confidence are the great motivators


Happy fa-la-la-la-finals!

photo (28)

It’s beginning to look a lot like finals