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Hello world!

I’m going to be talking about some thoughts that I’ve had lately about friends.

In high school, we are prone to be around the same people all the time. Similar clubs, similar classes, so we can’t help but become friends with those people sometimes. In high school, there’s so many talking points. Homework, college, etc., but sometimes, you realize that you only talk to some people because of the setting that you’re in.

After coming to college, I thought that I would keep in touch with a lot of people from my class, but sadly, I really only kept up with a few of my really close friends. When I came here, the diversity of people surprised me so much. One of the things that I love about college is the fact that you can meet someone one day and they can become one of your best friends the next week.

It has been so interesting talking to so many people here because everyone has such different perspectives and interests. Thinking about it, you never would have met these people, had it not been this setting. In college, especially if you are not in the same major, it is difficult to keep in touch with people. You have to make an effort to keep these friendships solid. Not only that, especially on some weeks if you have a lot of work, it is easy to isolate yourself and not go out.

It really is about time management and priorities, but the relationships that you make here are quality. These are the friends that you will know for the rest of your life. The ones you will introduce as “friends you met in college.” I don’t know; I’m a freshman. I probably haven’t learned all my life lessons yet and am not sure of a lot of things right now, but all I am sure about is that I love the friends that I have now. I can’t imagine not having met them.