I had my first day at my summer internship last Wednesday.

After two summers spent volunteering at a non-profit and then doing research at Hopkins, I welcomed this summer’s change of pace as a data science intern at Booz Allen Hamilton. I’m only a few days into my internship, but I’m already quite excited to see what the summer has in store.

I’ll be a part of a small, close-knit team working on a project involving sensor data analytics, a topic that I have a bit of a familiarity with thanks to my biostatistics research last summer! With the two other interns on my team, we’ll be applying statistical methods, techniques in machine learning, and various computational skills to explore and make sense of some really, really interesting sensor data we’re gathering.

I’m already appreciating the autonomy and flexibility given to us interns in how we tackle this project. Specifically, I’ll be able to help make some interactive data visualization tools to help understand the sensor data, which aligns perfectly with my interests. Woo!

And luckily, I’ll be working on these visualizations alongside my good friend Victor, who graduated from Hopkins a few years back. In fact, there are quite a few Hopkins students who are a part of our data analytics team, both employees and other interns. And while the office jokes about the infiltration of Hopkins students on the team as the numbers continually increase, thank God they’re here. Because even if I haven’t met some of these Hopkins students and alums, I know that we’ll be able to easily connect based solely on the fact that we went to the same university. I can strike up a conversation with anyone of them about the coffee at Brody Cafe (or Cafe Q, back in the day), classes in the applied math department, or clubs and organizations we were both a part of.


Starting at a new place can be a little scary, and I’m glad that I won’t have to feel so alone. Even outside of the company, I wasn’t able to go more than a day in DC without seeing friends from Hopkins who were also interning in the area. Two of my friends even came down from Baltimore this past weekend to hang out, and I am forever thankful that the MARC train is only $7 and that I have such dope friends that would come see me only four days after I left.

I don’t have much more to report other than that I can’t wait to experience all that’s in store in these next couple of months. The summer has just started, and it’s gonna be a hot one.

(Quite literally, there’s a heat wave coming. And 95 degree weather and suits don’t quite mix well.)