I’ve always loved the first day of school. Growing up my brother dreaded the end of summer, but I looked forward to meeting new teachers and seeing so many familiar faces. There is a certain feeling about the very first day of school: a fresh start, a clean slate. You don’t know who your teachers are or whom you will sit next to. The first day of school is full of possibilities.

One of my very first, first days of school!


I still remember my first day of classes at Hopkins. Everyone rushed around campus, terrified of getting lost or being late. After four years of high school where I pretty much knew all my teachers already, I had no idea what to expect.

First day of freshman year

First day of freshman year

One aspect of college that I had never thought about before was that we are on the semester system. What does this mean? Every year there are TWO first days of school! I love this for many reasons. I took five classes my freshman fall semester, ranging from French to Public Health. I quickly figured out which departments I loved and which I did not. Then second semester I completely adjusted my schedule.   If you don’t like a class, after only a few months you are done forever. If you discover a field that you do love, then there is more time to take even more classes in that discipline second semester.

I came back from winter break to Hopkins to do research over intersession and had an amazing time, but I was eager to start a brand new semester. Here is a look at my first day back at Hopkins (officially) and what my Monday’s will look like this semester.

7:45 am: Surprisingly, I woke up without hitting snooze and got ready for the day. Since I live in Homewood I have a full kitchen. I made a pot of coffee forJulia and I, and we quickly ate some leftover frittata.

Most days it's just a grapefruit

Most days it’s just a grapefruit

8:40 am: Julia and I left Homewood for campus. We brought gym bags and dropped them off in lockers in the library. I then headed over to Bloomberg for Physics II.

9:00 am: I took my seat next to my friend Aidan just in time for Physics II. This first class was full of interesting demonstrations since the topic of Physics II is electricity and magnetism.

10:00 am: My next class of the day is History of Modern Medicine with Professor Greene. Last semester I loved taking History of Medicine so I was excited to take the second half of this course. Three of my closest friends are also in the class so it was exciting to catch up with them!

10:55 am: I sprinted to the JHMI shuttle stop to catch the express bus straight to the Johns Hopkins Medical campus. I had to go in to section mouse brains before an experiment on Wednesday.

The old building in the hospital

The old building in the hospital

2:30 pm: I was back on the JHMI, heading back to campus for my 3 pm class.

2:45 pm: My last class of the day was in Gilman so I hung out in the atrium. I ran into Julia, JHU_Dan, and my friend Alex!

3:00 pm: I was back in class for Women, Health and Medicine in Modern America. This is a History of Science and Technology upper-level class that only meets once a week for two and a half hours. I was a little worried because as a science major I do not have much experience with seminar style classes, but I loved the professor and the open environment of the classroom!

6:00 pm: Julia and I grabbed our gym bags from the library and headed over to the Rec Center to take a yoga class. I’m going to try and go as much as possible this semester. Not only is yoga a great form of exercise, it is a great way to relieve stress.

8:00 pm: We came out of yoga completely starving, so we swung by Eddie’s (the small grocery store near Homewood) to get kale and tomatoes for our favorite pasta dinner.

9:30 pm: It was pretty late, but dinner was finally ready!

We love kale unconditionally.

We love kale unconditionally.

10:30 pm: After showering and getting ready for the next day, Julia and watched a couple of Office episodes while we made nutella crescent rolls for dessert. Season 4 is our absolute favorite.

12:30 pm: Bedtime! I wasn’t used to waking up so early so I was completely exhausted.

My first (second) day of school of sophomore year was very full and exciting. I am excited to see how the rest of my week goes!