To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

This past Monday, it was the last time I had to wake up at 7am, hope that SIS didn’t crash, and pray that I had some luck from the course-registration gods that I wouldn’t be waitlisted in the classes I wanted to take. It felt weird that it would be the last time I had to register for classes at Hopkins, and I’ve been realizing that my last fall semester has been flying by.

Bloomberg Courses

For Public Health majors, senior year is pretty exciting because it means that we get to take classes at the world-renown Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. As a major requirement, Public Health students have to take a certain number of credits on their campus, and it has been an amazing experience. The courses are fascinating, the students in the class are all very inspirational (ranging from grad students to working health professionals/clinicians), and the environment is enriching. Although the classes require a ride on the JHMI shuttle, which can be rough for 8:30am courses on cold mornings, I have loved all the courses I have taken! Just to give some insight, I had the chance to take very niche courses like Epidemiology and Public Health Impact of HIV/AIDS and Psychopathology!

An Expert on Being a Hopkins Student

I remember freshmen year, I was overwhelmed and scared by what Hopkins had to offer. Now, with three years under my belt, many credits and courses, mentors and supervisors, and a solid friend circle for support (who I consider my closest, lifelong friends), I feel comfortable and accepting of my identity as a Hopkins student.

For example, I had the chance to TA for a freshmen-only course called Intro to Hopkins: Arrive and Thrive. On SIS, which (to clarify) is the Student Information System where students add/drop courses, see final grades, and can request transcripts, etc., the course is described as:

“Explore the University. Engage with people. Empower yourself. Chart your expedition at Hopkins. In this freshman-only course, students will explore Hopkins’ academic resources and opportunities to integrate their academic, career, and personal goals for college and beyond. Students will be exposed to topics including learning strategies, academic planning, and campus culture. Students will develop a personalized plan for success and make some new friends.

Through this opportunity, I had the chance to meet freshmen, who came into Hopkins and Baltimore with the same worries and anxieties I had in 2016. Yet, I felt honored to have the chance to share the small tips, tricks, and lessons that I have learned through experience, and it was very rewarding to see them grow and become acclimated at Hopkins. I loved how the freshmen in the course came to accept their identity and place at Hopkins, acknowledging that they truly do belong here despite external thoughts, stressors, and doubts.

Upcoming Events and Holidays

The month of October had Fall Break, which was a nice time to wind down for a three-day weekend. November and December hold longer breaks and exciting holidays, which means many more events in Baltimore! I’ll try to cover things to do during the holiday season in Baltimore in my next post, but I am looking forward to the holiday lights, Lighting of the Quad, and the end-of-the-semester moments!