To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

The start of a new semester comes with it reflections of a semester past (also, I’m a sucker for alliteration—hence the title). Here are five favorites from my freshman fall semester!

1. Finding good food spots


Baltimore is known for many things, not the least of which it’s amazing food. As a (broke) college student, accessibility and price are two of the most important factors (seconded only by taste and quality of the food itself) to consider when deciding where to eat. Luckily, places like Honeygrow (you’re bound to find at least 3 Hopkins students here at all times) and Clark Burger (their poutine is to die for) are a short 5 minute walk and Uber ride, respectively, from campus!

2. Decorating my dorm


One of my favorite and most therapeutic activities to do this past semester was to decorate my dorm! My room back home is not nearly as colorful or expressive as my room here; it’s constantly changing in accordance with season, mood, weather, etc etc. Pictured above is the famed magazine wall (especially majestic when you turn the fairy lights on) and my desk aka where the magic happens (the magic being studying, embroidering, and Netflix-watching).

3. Sunday brunch

Sunday brunch has become somewhat of a holy ritual on the quiet weekends I spend on campus. Miss Shirley’s is a wonderful cafe that serves THE largest portions of french toast that you’ve ever seen (don’t ask me how, but the next day leftovers somehow taste even better). Here’s my roommate Vicki and I catching each other up on our winter break adventures ALSO LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THOSE FRENCH TOASTS.

4. Walking around campus


Amidst the routine bustle of a busy college life, it’s easy to take for granted the scenic views we Blue Jays are fortunate enough to have. Walking to your impending doom next midterm is a little less stressful when you have this to look out to. But really, just standing in front of Gilman makes me feel all the ~feelings~; I sometimes wonder what overzealous 8th grade-Taharat would have to say if she knew then that in a few short years, she was going to Hopkins! 

5. Unconventional research

Being here has taught me that opportunity really is everywhere, for those that want them (this sounds strangely reminiscent of a certain Albus Dumbledore quote…). As a self-proclaimed lover of both the humanities and the sciences, I knew that I wanted to get involved in research in both fields. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as a Special Collections Freshman Fellow, one of four freshman chosen from the Class of 2022 to conduct archival research on a topic of our choosing. I’ve chosen to study the history of student activism at Hopkins which has been illuminating all on it’s own BUT the best part of this entire experience has been having my face, yours truly, in every bathroom of Brody!

Till next time!