Wait wait wait Kamran, it’s a Tuesday. Thanks, little annoying voice in my head, I know it is, but just this once, can you take a hint? We good? Okay, thank you. (You’d be surprised how often this voice pops up.)

Anyways, it’s officially been 2 months of college life, and amongst all the good, it looks like everyone is starting to get a little homesick. I don’t mean just at here at Hopkins, but all over the world. My friends have all been telling me about how homesickness is hitting them, and hitting them hard. Essentially, home has been on everyone’s minds a lot; including mine. So in the spirit of home and nostalgia, I figured I’d dedicate this blog to comparing life 1 year ago to life now. For all you prospective students, let me offer you one solid piece of advice: enjoy your senior year. Honestly, you’ll have no idea what you’ve got until it’s gone.

Senior Year (Post-College Apps)

5:30 AM: Wake up for school (Now you probably think I’m insane. Granted, volunteering for this schedule probably meant I was. I used to live an hour and a half from my school, meaning every morning, I was up bright and early at 5:30.)

6:00 AM: Get on the school bus, walk straight to my seat while avoiding all social interaction, and crash for an hour and a half.

7:30 AM: Wake up, actually say hello to everyone for the first time, and head into school. Meet up with all my friends in the school coffee shop and finish up all the homework that we put off last night.

8:10 AM: Oh, right, classes were also a thing. I’m just going to skip over this…

This is about 7 hours of pretending to pay attention in, and/or ditching class to hang out with friends, and just having an awesome time.

2:30 PM: Assuming you have nothing to do, get out of class and put school out of mind for the next 8 hours.


Wow this feels like a forever ago

4:15 PM: Finally get home after that incredibly long bus ride. Or provided this is a weekend, go over to some friends’ houses who live close to my school and spend
the weekend there.

6 PM to 2 AM: I’m sure you can piece together the rest. On school nights, I’d procrastinate all my work and either binge watch TV or go out with friends. And on the weekends, about the same. Man senior year was awesome.

Freshman Year of College

5:30 AM: Fast asleep. I don’t think you understand how much this needs to be emphasized.

6:00 AM: Still fast asleep. 

7:30 AM: Wake up. Oh sorry, spoiler alert. That comes later on in the story. SLEEP.


I can relate to this on a fundamental level

8:10 AM: I’m going to assume that this is my “first class at 10 AM” day, so sleep.

9:30 AM: Wake up, unfortunately.

10:00 AM: After getting ready, I drag myself to the first class of my day: Chemistry. Now the thing with chemistry is it’s basically a review of AP Chem (let’s not talk about my AP score on that…), so it’s not a very high stress class. If you haven’t taken AP or Honors Chem. though, then it moves a little fast. Anyways, let’s keep moving.

11:00 AM: Next up, Calc 2. You know, there are some days I’m like “Alright this makes sense, I don’t know why people think this is hard”, and then other days I’m all “What happened to the numbers in math…?”

12:00 PM: Food. Lunch. Please. I need sustenance. This is usually coupled with an episode of whatever show I’m binge watching at the time. (Oh, and on my more chill days, my classes end here.)

1:30 PM: Now we’ve got lab. Depending on the day of the week, it’s either Physics or Chem lab. A little something you should know about labs: they. last. three. hours. They’re not particularly hard though, just taxing.

4:00 PM: (You can finish labs early). What, wait, we’re done with classes? Thank God. And now we’ve got an internal conflict of deciding what aspect of school to keep in mind for the next 8 hours.

4:30 PM: Depends on the day again, but sometimes there’s a SAAB (the admissions board) meeting around this time. If not, then I’m probably at the freshman dining hall (the FFC) with some friends stuffing my face with food.

5:30 PM: And now I’m left with the rest of the day to do whatever I want. Whether I choose to study, procrastinate, or go out. That’s the beauty of college. You decide what you do and when you want to do it. You also then deal with the consequences. Usually there are a few more meetings spread out throughout the evening, and a bunch of events happening around campus all day.


Obligatory selfie with our President Ronny D

6 PM to 2 AM: A mix of studying, going out and getting Chipotle at midnight, just hanging around with some friends, and more studying all throughout the night. Then we wake up and start all over. So yeah high school was pretty awesome, but college is an entirely different, amazing experience.