Hopkins does a truly amazing job to help you to forget the stress that comes along with finals week. The stress is inevitable, but what I did not expect is all of the fun that would be a part of finals. I had so many firsts other than just my first finals experience. I experienced my first snow, my first time ice skating, and so much more fun than I can possibly fit in just one blog.


I had the wonderful chance on Thursday to experience my first real snow. While growing in Louisiana, you do not really see much snow. Heat? Yes. But, snow? Never. So when I woke up on Thursday, I checked my phone to realize that I had multiple text messages that all said the same thing, “Wake up, it’s snowing!” So I did exactly that. I went outside and had my first snow experience, and truly did all of the generic things such as snow angels, snow balls, and multiple attempted snow men. And now, I can honestly say that I love snow!!!


Flurries on the Freshman Quad




The biggest spectacle of the return after Thanksgiving has to be the Lighting of the Quads. The Lighting is an event that the administration sponsors to kick off the holiday season. It involved a wonderful performance from arts groups on campus, including holiday songs sung by our a capella groups, our pep band, and a guest feature from Pres. Ronny D. It was a great night, with great friends, and a great tradition that I can’t wait to experience three more times!


The fireworks display at the Lighting of the Quads


My first ice skating experience



Lastly, the most tedious of three, finals. It has not been easy so far, and my work ethic has not resulted in much sleep, but I love the actual finals experience. Through the multiple late nights of studying, multiple pages of notes, and multiple books, I am halfway done with my first finals experience. I surprisingly love the finals experience. It is the first time I have felt like an adult, felt accountable to my actions, and have been able to see the result of adult choices. As weird as it may sound, I love finals, but mostly, I love finals week at Hopkins!


My finals survival kit