FOMO — fear of missing out — occurs when you’re doing one thing, but you’re worried about all the other fun things that could be happening elsewhere.

In high school, I got the most FOMO when my friends invited me somewhere, and I chose to stay home and watch Grey’s Anatomy in my pajamas instead. It felt good and safe to stay in, but I was afraid of what I was missing by not branching out more. I knew there were other places I could be — other things I could be doing — and that knowledge hurt.

And in college? I feel like I’m always going, and I love it. There’s always some sort of event happening — a performance, lecture, party, study session, or a meal with friends. When I feel FOMO here, it’s because I’m choosing one fun opportunity over another. It’s because I can’t do everything at once.

Still, it feels joyful to have so many options. I find myself choosing between things that are unknown and exciting. Yes, I have a routine, and I still find time to relax on my own, but I have no room for boredom.

This constant excitement is why, at Hopkins, my FOMO isn’t painful at all.