In an attempt to salvage 3/4 of a semester’s worth of daily 1-second clips for a film project I lost track of, I created this “mini-documentary” featuring two of my favorite things: food and friends. As I was looking through the clips I had, I realized that I filmed a lot of meals, and meals that I shared with people. There were the moments more worthy of being captured: trying fermented shark in Iceland, meeting my friend’s family, eating a delicious, homemade dinner made by my fraternity brothers. And there were the smaller ones: grabbing a slice of pizza from Maxie’s, a Carma’s sirloin panino study break, indulging in Doritos in Gilman Atrium in the late of night.

But no matter how quick, or how expensive, or who I’m with, all of these moments represent a very important part of each day: enjoying a meal, with a friend or two. Because through the ups and downs of this semester, this year, my entire time at Hopkins, it’s always been that — enjoying a meal with a friend — that remains constant, and that I always look forward to.