One of the most common questions we get from prospective families is one of the most important: What do students at Hopkins do for fun? When I’m on the receiving end of this question I always freeze up under the pressure, and start off with the most generic answer possible. I don’t hesitate because there’s a lack of student activities; it’s actually quite the opposite. My brain likes to empty itself at the exact moment in which I attempt to remember the hundreds of things students are involved with outside the classroom. Even when I explain what I like to do in my free time, I feel like my membership in student groups and my obsession with the Baltimore food scene pales in comparison to what most students are doing.


taken at Sweet27 guys the food there is SO GOOD

One of the factors that drew me to Hopkins way back in 2013 was the uniqueness of the student body. Students here unapologetically pursue their passions both inside and outside the classroom. And they’re having so much fun doing it. This weekend I went to two student-run events that showed me, all over again, just how much talent our student body has. On Friday night, I went “Ready, Set, Dance,” a showcase put on by the Eclectics, Sláinte, and Listen Up Tap—three dance groups on campus. I almost lost my voice cheering for each of the teams. The time and effort put into each piece resulted in an amazing show. I also don’t think I’ve seen feet move so fast, so just, wow.


WE LOVE YOU SAMANTHA aka superstar Eclectics member

On Saturday night, I went to the Barnstormers’ production of Spring Awakening. Every single aspect of the show was student run and I’m in awe. From acting to vocals to costume design to light design and so much more, I was blown away. There’s a reason the show has been sold out each night. If you’re on campus and haven’t seen it yet, do it!


These events were just two of many that were happening; the weekend was full of acapella, dance, and athletic events. This upcoming week there are also a lot of speaker series that I’m super excited to attend. The opportunity to go to so many unique events is something that I’ll miss a lot about Hopkins…it’s time to soak it all up.