For all the pictures you see on brochures and websites of frenzied sunshine bursting out from behind the Gilman clocktower and bouncing off manicured green lawns, keep this in mind: sometimes at Hopkins it rains. I mean I know people talk about “rainy days” as these dips in morale where things just don’t seem like they’re going to work out. But, to be honest, nothing brings me down more than an actual rainy day. Like literal rain.

Like today.


also today











So it got me thinking about what measures I take, sometimes subconsciously, to fight the grief that is a cloudy Hopkins.


With liquid cold pouring down from the sky, sometimes it becomes a stay-in day, where you just want to stay in your dorm room forever. In that case, I have two solutions: Easy Mac (obviously) and cup oatmeal. Done in seconds with a microwave and water, they’re the perfect meal to pair with sitting in bed.


tha ril mvps


One of the big things I miss now that I’m in college is reading for fun. Don’t get me wrong; you totally can if you want to! But personally, after doing so much reading for classes, I just like to give my eyes a break (…with TV). But with rain on the window and gray in the sky, sometimes it’s just the right mood to make some Earl Grey you’ve pocketed from the FFC and read a book. Right now, I’m reading Cholera Years, which is technically a mandatory reading for my History of Modern Medicine class but also doubles as a personal book since I get to read it at my own pace.


Internet, Netflix, enjoy. Far too self explanatory.

Leave the Dorm

When it rains, I usually have an excessively strong desire to just stay in and do the aforementioned activities. However, I’m realizing now that Gilman is an incredible place to head to on days like these (but also any day, actually). Its clash of original Federalist interiors with newer, brushed metal features makes Gilman Hall an amazing place to get ahead on some work with friends or just find an excuse to sit on a couch. Today, after a review session here (and two classes here in the morning) my friend Sarah and I just sunk into the deep leather couches and hammered out a response paper.



I’ll probably still hate rainy days. But at least it helps to know that there are some things to do and places to go to fight the otherwise inevitable winter/spring combo blues.