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My dorm, decorated.

Above is my quaint dorm fully decorated and ready for the year to come. I live in Wood House in AMR I. I enjoy it for a variety of reasons including the sense of community and proximity to my classes.

Students hiking on Pre-Orientation.

A view of my Multi-Element group on Outdoors Pre-Orientation. Here we are ascending the mountains of Ohiopyle, PA on our overnight hike. Consuming an entire two days, the hike was a challenge but very memorable. See my other blog on this topic here.

One of many fun activities that ensued during Orientation Week, here I am visiting the historical ship the USS Constellation in the Inner Harbor. We received a tour that provided me with greater insight into Baltimore’s rich historical connection to maritime trade and military activity.

Photo of freshman convocation.

Enjoying Freshman Convocation with an address from President Ronald Daniels. This tradition marks the end of Orientation Week and the beginning of the semester to come. Followed by an extravagant dessert assortment, this is one of the most popular Orientation Week events.

View of archway outside of Gilman Hall.

I am glad to have discovered this lovely study spot near Gilman hall. I would frequent this location with a cappuccino and some readings. This archway is perfect for catching the sun and the summer breeze.

Photo of avenue in Fells Point, MD.

Visiting Baltimore’s many unique neighborhoods is one of my favorite aspects of my college experience. Above one of my favorite neighborhoods, Fells Point, is pictured. Located west of the Inner Harbor and possessing ample restaurants and coffee shops, Fells Point is a delight to visit on the weekends.

Campaign advertisement for freshman class council.

An advertisement for my bid for Freshman Class Senate. It was a great campaign with many qualified candidates, and I am very fortunate to have won. My experience with Student Government thus far has been fantastic. Utilizing this platform I am able to pursue the change that I, and my constituency, want to see in the Hopkins community.

Sailboat in inner harbor.

Sailing in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor with the club Outdoor Pursuits. Trips are generally $20 and range from whitewater kayaking to hiking. This experience was quite fun, and I would recommend participating in an Outdoors Pursuits trip to anyone considering.

Photo of flyer for neuroscience guest lecturer.

Attending one of many inspirational talks, this one focusing on the neuroscience of rehabilitation…truly fascinating and inspirational. I would consider this one of the major turning points in my decision to pursue studying the brain and human behavior through my major Cognitive Science. One can learn more about the Cognitive Science program here.

My family and I on family weekend.

Seeing my family on Family Weekend. It was great to have them sample the daily life of a Hopkins student and explore Baltimore. I am very grateful for their support.

Photo of Capitol Hill.

Strolling Capitol Hill with my friends from Georgetown. It is always a pleasure to visit the nation’s capital. This semester I visited Washington DC a number of times, see my blog here on how to do so from JHU.

Photo of Gilman hall in fall.

A beautiful view of Gilman Hall on a perfect fall day. Gilman Hall holds a special place in my heart due to its majestic architecture, iconic bell tower, and serene study spots. I found myself spending a lot of time in Gilman Hall this past semester and intend to do so for the years to come.

One of many fantastic a cappella shows that occur all throughout the year. It is one of my favorite activities to enjoy a show on a Friday night with friends. A staple of Hopkins campus culture, the a cappella groups here are numerous and remarkably talented.

Me visiting a friend at Princeton University.

A delightful weekend trip visiting a good friend from high school at Princeton University. Thanks for the great time Carolyne. Reconnecting with friends is easier than expected due to the ease of travel in the Mid-Atlantic/Northeast.

Photo of pumpkin in front of Homewood House during Hoptoberfest.

Claiming my beloved pumpkin during Hoptoberfest. Hoptoberfest is a time full of fall festivities. From concerts to free cider, this tradition is one I enjoy very much.

Photo of me meeting John Kasich.

Speaking with Gov. John Kasich following a presentation as part of the Milton S. Eisenhower Symposium speaker series. I learned  about his interesting perspective on the current state of American politics.

The Peabody library.

My Friday afternoon study escape, The George Peabody Library located downtown in Mt. Vernon. Quiet, historic, and with ample seating I enjoy leaving campus to visit this supreme study spot and Baltimore treasure. The library is at the Peabody Insitute, a Hopkins music conservatory, which hosts concerts and other events that are worth the visit.

Photo of my hall and I before dinner in the Inner Harbor.

Headed to dinner in the Inner Harbor with my hallmates and our wonderful RA Amber Chen-Goodspeed. A nice evening at the harbor with friends and enjoying good food.

Lab partner and I at Hampden's Miracle on 34th street.

Seeing the superb holiday lights at Miracle on 34th street in Hampden with my chemistry lab partner Valeria. This Baltimore holiday tradition is just a short walk from campus and a great stress reliever during finals season.

Friends and I at lighting of the quads.

Savoring a very special evening called Lighting of the Quads, one of my favorite Hopkins traditions. Including with fireworks, music, and hot chocolate this event is definitely one to be present for.

Me on a snow day.

Finally, a surreal snow day to mark the end of a semester full growth, learning, and memories. Thank you to my readers for following me on this journey!