Experiencing this week so far from home and from Hopkins has turned out to be more surreal & strange & personal than expected. Quite frankly, waxing poetic about a recent trip to the English countryside or my favorite London study spot would feel out of place. Instead, I’ll offer up some JHU and non-JHU related internet things that I’ve been returning to over the last 48 hours to keep me grounded in all of this.


I’m sure this is happening in colleges across the U.S., but opening my Hopkins inbox on Wednesday to see these kinds of emails (there were several more from the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Film Society, etc) made me feel nostalgic for campus, for the Hopkins community & the supportive ways it can come together in times like this. The Dean provided us with a list of various quiet zones and safe spaces all over campus to go to at any point during the day if we needed a minute — or an hour — away from a packed class schedule. After texting several Hopkins friends all day yesterday who were finding it quite difficult to focus on any kind of studying or schoolwork, it comforted me to know that there were peaceful pockets of space for them and everyone else on campus. We’re not exactly getting the same sort of treatment from UCL, so ironically enough, yesterday made me miss America more than ever.


Zoe Kazan’s twitter account is something I check every week for beautifully composed comments about everything from being a good person to the importance of political activism (and many things in between). Yesterday, she asked her followers to suggest “writers who combated the darkness of their time” for her to retweet & read herself. Even on a day when most social media made me yearn for my pre-social media mind, I loved this. A lot. I’m hoping my brain & heart will expand in good measure after I explore the very dope & very helpful reading list she and so many others worked together to compile (this screenshot is just the tip of the iceberg). I highly recommend scrolling through the thread in full.


Over the last two days, most of the upbeat & random & hip hop & *sometimes* Top-40’s stuff I meander between felt weird (/wrong) to listen to. Luckily for me, JHU_Emily crafted a soothing soundscape of relatable goodness as I attempted to write a mammoth of an essay with America in my peripheral brain vision. Solange, The National, The Antlers, The Beatles, & even a skillfully chosen dash of Beyoncé have come together in the deftly titled “nov 9”, because Ebo is a homie who knows the nuances of mood. “Hey Jude” felt especially right.