Due to my aforementioned luck (or lack thereof) and my love for football, I was ecstatic when I got the text message saying I had won The HOP’s raffle of two tickets to the Ravens vs. Bengals game this past Sunday.

Me on Friday morning when I got the text except a lot more disheveled than this

I’d never been to an NFL game before, so after yelling for a bit (at the ripe hour of 9:30 AM while my roommate was brushing her teeth), I immediately texted my family gloating, and started counting down the hours to the game. When 1 PM on Sunday rolled around, and I stood with the seventy-thousand-something people for the national anthem I was overwhelmed by the spirit and comradery of the city. I was struck once again with a sense of belonging amongst the sea of purple and well…it felt amazing.


ngl I’m very proud of this picture. also LOOK AT HOW GOOD THE SEATS WERE!!

I almost instantly comfortable in Baltimore when I first moved here about 3 years ago, but every now and then I’ll get waves of reassurance that this city really is a home to me. An O’s game or a Ravens game is definitely the easiest place to get swept up by spirit, but the little quirks and characteristics of Charm city that I’m constantly discovering never fail to remind me just how much this city has to offer. Baltimore has allowed me to be myself but also has encouraged me to push my limits. It has taught me what it means to persevere, and just how much working together can pay off. It has showed me that being adventurous and sometimes even crazy can make anything more fun.


Mine and Ellie’s first NFL game! I’d like to think maybe I converted Ellie to a football fan but this is still pending

I know you’re probably wondering how I got all of this from a measly football game? All I can say is that the smallest things remind me of how much I love this city and how excited I am to be a part of this community and get to share how I feel. So thanks again to the HOP, and also to the Ravens for such a feel-good weekend. And let me just say that my first NFL game was fantastic, even though it was filled with a lot of unapologetic screaming on my part because we lost. Now time to start hunkering down for midterms…