Sorry to disappoint dedicated JHU Interactive readers, but my spring break isn’t being spent on the beaches of Punta Cana or any other exotic locale. I’m home in lovely New City, New York, (definitely not as warm as Punta Cana) enjoying the break planted on my couch binge-watching Friends re-runs. Though I’m not working on my tan, I think we’d all agree my break isn’t too shabby. Having a week without homework, clubs and having to do laundry is amazing whether it’s 75 and sunny or with snow still on the ground.

Could definitely go for a nice beach sunset

Could definitely go for a nice beach sunset

With a chance to recharge, I’m eagerly looking forward to the tail end of second semester. I’ll be the first one to admit that this semester has been really difficult for me. Academically, my coursework has become more difficult to master, club commitments have increased, grades finally count, and on top of all that, having to make plans for the summer just adds to the perfect recipe for stress. Sometimes, when dealing with all this, despite the amazing support systems I do have at school, I feel overwhelmed, overworked, and insecure. I wonder if sometimes I’m not good enough for Hopkins, if maybe I can’t keep up. Maybe I’m not smart enough, maybe just maybe, I won’t succeed at my dream school.

Having this week off, to spend time with family, see friends and loved ones, and just relax has shifted my mindset and helped me get excited for school again. The big talk on campus is how springtime at Hopkins is unparalleled. Students relaxing on the Beach, studying outside in the Baltimore sun, sampling the delicious ice cream at Dominion, everyone I’ve spoken to says it’s their favorite time of year. With Spring Fair, the indescribable student-run fair that takes over campus for a weekend right around the corner, complete with a performance from J Cole (my girlfriend won two VIP tickets so I’m going to be jamming in style), and lacrosse games a plenty I have a lot to look forward to as I return to school.

Despite the myriad stresses encountered in any college environment, Hopkins of course being no exception, as I write this I’m 100% sure there is really nowhere I’d rather be than back at Homewood. Sometimes the best way to deal with stress is lay down with a book, get some ice cream, and take a nap. Sometimes, like in my case, you need to get away from campus for a bit and relax. That’s what this break has been, an amazing opportunity to get all the negative thoughts out of my head, and to remember exactly how lucky and how happy I am to be at Hopkins.

This really encapsulates what I've been doing all of break

This really encapsulates what I’ve been doing all of break

So no, I won’t have any crazy stories to tell my kids about my freshman spring break, but I don’t doubt that this was the best way to spend it. Recharging, relaxing, and getting ready for what should be an amazing second half of the semester.