To support safety and public health during the Covid-19 pandemic, all on-campus events are canceled until further notice.

Throwback to orientation week, when I was walking across campus, wide-eyed, and ready to be involved. Those were the simple days. The days when I was signing every sign up sheet that passed my way and spent most days filling out applications all in the name of getting involved. I was always told that the best way to get to know a place is to get involved in it. I took that exact reasoning into mind whenever I came to Hopkins and signed up for every club possible! I definitely do not regret joining any of the things I am involved in, or the friends i have made while doing them, but what the words of wisdom fail to entail is that getting involved is easy, but staying involved is not.

JHU Dance Marathon

DM is the incredible 8-hour event at Johns Hopkins University to raise money FOR THE KIDS at the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center! I have had the best opportunity to be a part of the Executive Board for DM, as the Social Media Director, and met many amazing people, read some amazing stories, and hopefully helped many along the way.


The Color Run Sponsored by JHUDM


The HOP 

The Hopkins Organization for Programming is a student-run event programming group that brings great events, including tailgates, comedians, concerts, and much more to the Homewood Campus. Thanks to The HOP, I have had the opportunity to meet BJ Novak, see an Iggy concert, and will have the opportunity to bring Mardi Gras to the Homewood Campus in a few weeks!


The HOP with Bj Novak from The Office




My Ice Skating Excursion with Some SAAB Members

The Student Admissions Advisory Board is a student-run admissions recruiting group that helps to reach out to prospective students, and is also responsible for the content of Hopkins Interactive! Thanks to SAAB, I have been able to share my Hopkins experience with students, who are in the same exact place that I was about a year ago, and for that, I am grateful.

Ultimate Frisbee

I played Ultimate Frisbee all throughout high school and loved it, so you can imagine my excitement when I realized that JHU had a competitive, club frisbee team. I have had so many great times with the frisbee guys and during the couple tournaments that we have had!


Georgetown Tournament directly next to                       the National Mall


It may not be very easy to stay involved, but getting involved has been the best decision I have made at Hopkins. I have made so many friends, so many memories, and lost out on so much sleep, but in the end, my Hopkins experience has been better for it all!