Happy Thanksgiving, Interwebz! Yeah yeah, I know 1) nobody says interwebz anymore (showing my advanced age here), and 2) I’m a little early to be sending you some Turkey Day well-wishes. But the Comotto family is a festive bunch, and we’re alllll about extending holiday cheer for as long as we can—particularly when it comes to feasting. So I’ll probably be in a food coma by Wednesday anyway. For all intents and purposes, today’s the perfect time to start giving thanks where thanks is due. And this senior citizen has a lot to be thankful for.


Week-long Thanksgiving break. Bless. You. Hopkins.


The leftover birthday Reeses cups still chilling in my freezer.


Boot/Sweater/Cranberry-colored lipstick weather (Oh autumn temperatures, how I’ve missed you.)


The Something Rotten tickets my father so incredibly purchased to celebrate the end of fall semester (CHRISTMAS IN NYC BABY).


Watching my dreamy boyfriend star in not one, but TWO amazing musicals over the course of the next two weeks.

He tries. <3

He tries. <3


Online library resources, so I can write this final Social Media Marketing paper from the comfort of my own bed.


Liz’s candles, which make the apartment smell like cinnamon.


My favorite Writing Sems professor of all time, Greg Williamson, who solved my spring semester scheduling crisis AND still made it possible for me to take his classes.


Mama Comotto. Because, ya know. Moms are objectively the best.


Alpha Phi’s upcoming holiday party, which will hopefully feature Caroline in a Santa suit.


Impromptu theatre family reunions.

When you're an Addams, you're an Addams for LIFE.

When you’re an Addams, you’re an Addams for LIFE.

Finishing out my marketing minor with Lauren, who makes group project dynamics way more bearable.


Fluffy penguin PJ pants.


Seeing my cousin Carly in T-minus THREE DAYS holy moly.

Slowly dying without her.

Slowly dying without her.


My pups.

The face of a pup who climbed on the dining room table last year.

The face of a pup who climbed on the dining room table last year.

Taking zero Writing Sems classes this semester and realizing I love poetry so much that I’m giving sonnets as Christmas presents.


The pounds of stuffing I’ll be consuming this week.


The Comotto family’s annual Pumpkin Pie contest.


Seeing people I love over the holidays.


Seeing people I love when I get back.