They say the best way to make sure you accomplish your goals is to write them down, right? So, that’s what I’ll be doing for today’s blog. I’ve always been a very goal oriented person, and the satisfaction of checking something off a to-do list cannot be compared. Some of these things will be pretty short term and specific to my current Hopkins life, but some will be more general, in the hopes that you, reader, and I will be able to get ~inspired~ to get stuff done.

1. Start reviewing for my orgo exam.

Summer classes are most challenging because of the pace. What normally is taught two or three times a week over the course of a 4ish month semester is compressed into a 5 week whirlwind. The fact that our professors are fantastic makes it worth it, but if there is one rule, it’s don’t fall behind. And I’ll admit… I may have fallen a bit behind this week. This will mean a little bit of extra work today and Tuesday, but I’m confident I’ll be able to get it done, even if my brain hurts from pushing electrons.

2. Learn to cook. Actually.

When I pictured myself staying in Baltimore over the summer, I had dreams of making healthy, home cooked meals with my friends that were worthy of the most picturesque foodie blog out there. Plot twist: I eat a lot of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pasta, and frozen broccoli. Though I have learned how to properly cook chicken, I can’t say my culinary expertise has grown significantly. That’s why, in these next three weeks of Baltimore life, I’m going to really try to make some new recipes.

3. Find a new, great restaurant.

Coming to college in a new city was exciting, because there was so much new to explore. New restaurants and fun neighborhoods were at every corner, but now, I’ll admit I’ve gotten a bit stuck in my ways. Though my favorite eateries will always be go to options, I’d like to get out of my rut and explore some new places around Baltimore.

4. Make up my mind about taking a gap year.

I’d love to go to medical school after graduating, and that’s been my plan for a pretty long time. I’ve always been anti-gap year, as I’m the kind of person that likes to keep the momentum going. But now, after talking with some med-school bound friends and a few pre-med advisors, I’m starting to consider a gap year or two to travel or work as a good option. Though I still have a ton of time to figure this out, I’m making it a goal to really nail down some tentative plans within the next year or so.

5. Fall in love with learning again.

Dare I say it, I may be a little burnt out. Orgo has been hard, and sometimes I feel like I’m in such an exam tailspin that I don’t have time to slow down and really enjoy the process of learning. So, after my break in August, I’m making it a priority to let myself enjoy the learning process without putting so much pressure on myself to learn only for the exam. I’m really excited for my classes this fall, and I can’t wait to see what sophomore year holds.

So there you have it, a few things that I’m working towards accomplishing in the coming future. And now that I’ve told you, I have that little extra accountability to help me get there.