Wow, it’s my final blog. As my time at Hopkins is wrapping up, it’s pretty hard to not feel nostalgic and reflective, so the idea for this one was easy. I didn’t make it this far by myself, so here in no particular order, are the key players and experiences for which I’ll forever be thankful:

  1. 14706838_1201652616557852_6093161698022574489_o

    my sister has been keeping me upright for a while now

    Family—Mom, Dad, Akka, and Adam I don’t tell you enough how much I love and value you. Thanks for always listening and supporting me.

  2. Friends—this is a broad category, but y’all know who you are. You’ve all shaped me into who I am. Thanks for helping me feel at home, always.
  3. A2—I have to give you both a special shout-out. Living with your best friends is a privilege, and one I never want to lose. Thinking about going home and not seeing you is too weird of a feeling.
  4. Stang of Siam—thanks for supporting the large appetites of me and my friends
  5. My B Level cube
  6. The Hut—holy stain glass, am I right?
  7. Professors—One of the best parts of Hopkins. Thank you for constantly challenging me and changing my perspective for the better. I can’t articulate how much the mentorship and guidance has meant to me over the years.
  8. Classes—I love my departments so much, I named my blog after them.
  9. Brody café toast and hummus
  10. Spain—grateful for a whole country? Kind of. Thanks to the España crew, my host family, and our program director for a life changing experience.


    Spain & these people + some will always have a piece of my heart

  11. Brody café dirty chai
  12. One World Café—I’m actually your biggest fan
  13. Mudd Atrium—I don’t think I’ll find better natural lighting
  14. Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy pints—medicine for any situation. Special s/o to Coffee caramel fudge
  15. MARC train—will miss direct access to DC
  16. Dr. Shuler’s Lab—I’m so lucky to have worked with such amazing grad students and a wonderful PI. Thanks for always encouraging me to ask questions
  17. Jimmy’s Diner
  18. JHMI, Charm City Circulator, and the Blue Jay Shuttle—transportation has never been easier
  19. NPR Podcasts—thanks for keeping me company while running, commuting, walking to class, etc.
  20. Hopkins Interactive & Chelsea & OG SAAB—thanks for being some of my first friends and for being a lovely and unique JHU_Family.


    oh hey SAAB

  21. The Lola cookie at Gilman
  22. Baltimore—thank you for being complex, strong, quirky, and resilient.
  23. Security guards and Janitorial Staff—so grateful for your friendly faces and words
  24. Rec Center rooftop
  25. Student night at Oriole Park
  26. Baba’s Mediterranean—will come back to Baltimore for your food
  27. GroupMe
  28. Library resources—Hopkins credentials have their perks
  29. Campus architecture
  30. Campus dogs (really, I should say celebrities)
  31. Health Leads—Thank you for opening my eyes. My experience has been unforgettable.
  32. The John Hopkin Newletter
  33. OMA family—incredibly thankful for my OMA relationships. Thank you for making me a better leader and community member.
  34. Ms. Gladys—one of the best people I have and ever will meet. Thank you for your big heart and warm hugs.
  35. Karaoke nights


    karaoke is always a good idea

  36. Hop Deli—Thanks for giving me quarters for laundry. And for always having limes
  37. Food network—sometimes all you need is Chopped
  38. Game night—never thought I’d find people as passionate about Bananagrams as me.
  39. Essay Revisions—I grumbled about you but you made me more thoughtful
  40. COFFEE
  41. Color-coded notes—I’m a nerd
  42. Potlucks—when well timed, are a cure for the soul.
  43. Dirt Devil—since Freshman year and going strong
  44. Brittany—my Freshman year RA who was basically my big sister. Thank you so much for the guidance, and for being the best role model.
  45. My faithful MacBook Air, affectionately named Stella. You only crashed once <3


    beach napping 2k17

  46. Free t-shirts—it’s like collecting memories
  47. University discounts—Zipcar, Amazon, ASOS, and so many more.
  48. A good pair of rainboots—never again will I slip down the breezeway or anywhere else for that matter
  49. Warm afternoons on the Beach, especially those that end in a nap
  50. An environment that allowed me to evolve into who I am, as a student and as a person.


Of course, this list isn’t complete. To anything and anyone I missed: thank you, thank you, thank you. I wouldn’t be me today without you.