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If you asked me whether I would rush a year ago, I would have given you a solid no. I’m from the South, where Greek Life is very prevalent. I could never envision myself fitting in with the stereotypical culture. However, this semester I made a promise to myself to get more involved. I wanted to join more clubs so I could take a break from academics (and not just binge watch Netflix). With that in mind, I signed up to rush over Intersession.

On the first day of recruitment, I knew I made the right choice. Greek life at Hopkins is so welcoming. No one is there to be mean to you or judge you on superficial characteristics. Our rush process is only three days, which of course is still tiring, but nonetheless, completely manageable. During each round, I saw familiar faces, but also met a ton of new people. Girls I had just met a few minutes ago were telling me about their best times at Hopkins or which classes they recommended. On bid day, I was stoked to become a part of Phi Mu!

Since then, I have made so many new friends. At first, I have to say that I was daunted. I knew a handful of people in my sorority before rush, but the majority I had never seen before. But, the good news is that everyone is truly friendly. Our lovely Phi moms (upperclassmen who show us the ropes) organize so many fun activities for our pledge class to get to know each other. We have bonding activities from cake decorating to fitness classes to trips to the farmers market. A big part so far has been going on sister dates, where we meet sophomores with the hopes of finding our bigs! Throughout it all, it has been exciting getting to meet so many new people.

Phi Mu Bonding      Bid Day